Damn, my TV went out.

My 25" CRT TV has been getting dimmer and dimmer. Lately on many programs the picture consists of shadows against a dark background.

So I finally had to go down and buy a 32" HD, LCD, wide screen set.

I will accept all the sympathy extended.

I’ll show my boundless sympathy by sending a “wrong forum” report. Unless, of course, you wish to debate the rabid consumerism you display by purchasing a TV in today’s wintry economic climate before your old one has disintegrated into a pile of primordial goo.

See what bad luck I’m having? I punchec MPSIMS, I thought, and wound up here. :smack:

Hey, after 9/11 didn’t our president tell us that the best way we could fight the terrorists was to go out and buy?

Probably. But I don’t think we need to debate your particular :stuck_out_tongue: purchase.

To keep late comers current I suppose we should mention that I first posted this in GD.

GD, MPSIMS. Easy to get mixed up. Could have happened to anybody.

I cannot believe that a moderator of all people would laugh at the terrible hardship you’re experiencing. A thirty-two inch television is an almost unimaginable privation. I sincerely hope that you can learn to live with the horror, DavidSimmons. Do you at least have digital cable? :smiley:

It’s always a good thing when you’re tv breaks, because then it’s an excuse to get a new one.

Unless, of course, you don’t have the money, then it sucks.

sniff…Won’t someone spare a bit of sympathy for Dave’s poor deceased CRT? Cut down in the prime of life. Cruely euthanized by literally pulling the plug! So quickly replaced by a younger, more buxom model. The hussy! Dave you should be ashamed of yourself! :wink:

I’d have to agree that with the current glut of “is so/is not” religious threads, GD seems overrun with the pointless, these days, making it easy to confuse with MPSIMS.

When you’re tv breaks? Hey, shouldn’t this be in Cafe Society?

Family legend has it that the CRT in one of our TVs went in a puff of white smoke during a Western, at the exact time someone on screen fired a gun.

dresses in black and holds a little flower for the funeral, sniffle