Damn Office Politics!

One thing I can never understand-why do the assholes always come out on top? This relates to a job I had a few years back. One of my colleagues was the laziest, most dishonest person I have ever known. He would constantly badmouth everybody (including his superiors). He was also dishonest-he would pad expense reports , even put in for personal items. Yet, he was always rewarded! Not only that, he was promoted. While all of this was going on, I was always honest-I would refuse to bill the company for any personal expenses. I also was respectful of superiors, and never spread gossip. So why is this jerk on top?

Well, obviously he had his nose stuck firmly up the right person’s ass.

Ya ever notice how, on a stagnant pond, the scum floats?

Same principle.

That is absolutely the best illustrative statement concerning this kind of thing that I have ever run across.

I hope you will not mind if I use it.