Damn pregnant coworker

I pit whiney bitch pregnant women. There are three people in my department and one of them is gone for a few weeks. No problem, me and the other person can pick up the slack. That is unless one of those people is a whiney bitch who apparently can’t stand to stay at work for a full day. It’s just too hard. When there is anything the least bit hard to do, she backs out. Which means I have to pick up the slack for two people.

Oh and the person I am talking about is a grand total of 8 weeks pregnant. I am 13 weeks pregnant. It is going to be a long few months. And yes I know that every pregnancy is different blah blah blah, but damn it suck it up princess. You didn’t hear me complaining when every damn day I would quietly leave my desk, go to a out of the way bathroom, vomit, clean myself up, and go back to my desk without a word. I don’t necessarily have it any easier than you sweety I just don’t feel the need to moan about it and use it as an excuse.

Oh and PS pregnant coworker, now is the perfect time to go and get shirts that cover your gut. Skin belts are not appropriate for work.

It is going to be a long few months.

I could have written that OP. Except that I’d discretely be sick on the bus into work (giant tote bag, barf bags in the depths), do a day’s work, eat, throw up again and then head out to my second job.

Whiney princesses suck.

Nothing against the sight of a gloriously pregnant belly, but definitely not work appropriate.

I fully endorse this pitting.

Note to self: avoid the bus whenever possible.

And guess who is going home early today… :rolleyes:

She thinks she pushed herself too much this morning. Yea this morning when she cut out of the hard work early and didn’t do much when she was working anyway.

My patience has run thin with this one.

Can’t get on board with this one. As you note, all pregnancies ARE different. You’ve no idea what she’s coping with. Rather, if you’re throwing up every day at work, maybe you need to go home early and let your boss figure out how to handle it.


IMO if you can’t do your job than you need to admit that, and give up the charade. Let your work know so they can make proper arrangements. Not spend 3 weeks of not showing, arriving late, or leaving early (all while collecting the same paycheck) and letting others do all your work for you. If you need to take a leave of absence until you can get your shit together, fine great, do it.

Know what, being pregnant can suck. I’ve done it before and I’m doing it again. But if you are adult enough to be pregnant, you have to be adult enough to find a way to deal with it that doesn’t screw everybody around you. I know that there are people out there who have really crappy pregnancies. But it’s the princesses that just expect other people to bend over backwards for them that piss me off. I even hate the idea of sending your husband out in the middle of the night to get pickles or ice cream or whatever else crap you want. Put on your big girl panties and if you want something get it your own damn self. You are pregnant not paralyzed. In fact some paralyzed people can get around just fine on their own. (The one exception is those who are on bed rest, obviously)

And I didn’t mention this earlier but the person I am talking about has a history of letting everyone around her know when even the slightest bit is wrong. She complains how much she has to work to everyone, even those that have to log in way more hours than her. She complains how no one gives her any responsibility when the smallest task takes months for her to complete. Since she has gotten pregnant this behavior has intensified, and to be honest I know she will milk it every chance she gets. So my level of compassion is close to nil.

Perhaps she’s more preggers than she lets on if her belly is showing already. :confused: Or are you just saying her shirts don’t fit as it is?

I’d get used to working without her. No one I know who has missed a bunch of work at the beginning of a pregnancy like that has ever come back once the baby is born.

What’s a skin belt?

A skin belt is when your midriff shows. With her it is a combination of low rider pants and shirts that just barely touch the top of her pants. Sure when she is standing perfectly straight and not moving no skin is showing, but as soon as there is any movement, skin belt. It doesn’t help that in the last couple of years she has gained weight and she hold excess weight in her stomach. I don’t think she really knows what size she is and just buys the same size clothes she always has.

This is really a side rant, and has nothing to do with the pregnancy. It might be the one bright side. She will have to buy clothes that fit.

I was gonna make the same note, but found I’d already written it down a long time ago.

I had a co-worker like that a couple of years ago; I think she worked an average of one day a week for her pregnancy (in an incredibly busy department) and called in sick and went home early and came in late the rest of the time. What you need to do, Ludy, is make sure your supervisor understands that if she can’t handle working while pregnant, she needs to go on short-term disability. My former co-worker was about one sick day away from getting short-term disabilitied, whether she wanted it or not. The work still has to be done whether someone is pregnant or not. Pregnancy is not a free pass to unlimited days off with pay while your co-workers bust their asses.

Dude, she’s not sick, she’s just pregnant. What good is going home early going to do anyone?

I have no bitch in this fight, but just dropped in to give thanks to Og, “Bob” and Allah that I am a man, and to revel in Schadenfreude.

I realize I’m building up bad karma here. Fuck it. :wink:

This advice applies equally to a couple of my (male) co-workers who are working through various issues (health and personal) of their own. I sympathise completely with their predicament(s), but even so, it’s really not a helpful situation for anyone.

Damned right.

It’s not about being pregnant, it’s about being able to do the job.

Some people will be unable to do their job at the drop of an excuse - should the rest of us cover them?

For 9 months of pregnancy?

For a year or two after the nasty divorce where the bitch took everything?

About the bus: She’s nearly twelve - morning sickness isn’t an issue any more.

For the first eighteen years of your children’s lives? Not saying you do this, just that it’s an awfully common circumstance at work.

At our local TV station last night they mentioned that 5 of the female anchors are pregnant. Plus, it would seem that 3 of the men have pregnant wives too. It’ll be interesting to see what juggling of schedules this necessitates.

Man, that must have been a helluva office Christmas party.

And today she has not shown up yet, nor has she called, e-mailed, or texted me to say she wasn’t coming in.

In many places I’ve worked, what we call that is “fired”.

Also, pregnancy.