Damn the Man, the Game goes on. SDMB 4th quarter HOT poker action

Results of the first game of the quarter:

  1. Dag Otto (I advance)
  2. OMD
  3. Robot Arm
    D. Oslo
  4. Missy
  5. Asterion
  6. Capa
  7. Kyy
    Z. Nooky

Great heads up action. And congrats to GO, for his off-poker endeavors.

For the participants: Anybody recall who got what kills? I know that I took out Capa and Ast. Dag killed at least me and Root. Other than that, I just don’t remember.

For everybody else: Get while the getting’s good (that is, while you can still transfer money into online poker accounts), and join us for our weekly Hold’em game, Thursdays 10pm EST. We are currently playing on The Gaming Club Poker, with a weekly buy-in of $1.05 ($1 plus a .05 rake). We chat via AIM through the game, and generally have a great time. Typically the game ends between 11 and midnight.

Here are the kills:

  1. Only Mostly Dead (Dag Otto)
  2. Robot Arm (Otto)
  3. Oslo (Otto)
  4. Missy (Otto)
  5. ast (OMD
  6. Capa (OMD)
  7. Kyy (Otto)
  8. Nanook (Capa540)

Kills ( I got these from the hand history, correct me if I made a mistake):

OMD - killed by Dag
Robot Arm - killed by Dag
Oslo - killed by Dag
Missy - killed by Dag
Asterion - killed by OMD
Capa - killed by OMD
Kyy - killed by Dag
Nooky - killed by Capa

So I was doing some early-morning shower math today, and, assuming we still have a window to transfer money in, and assuming that Gaming Club doesn’t kneejerk all US players out entirely, I think we can play for quite some time to come.

At an initial bankroll of $20 per player, and playing the $1+.05 game each week, it will take 20 weeks for each dollar of a player’s bank to permanently disappear into the ether. We can just do player-to-player transfers between the winning and the losing players to keep things egalitarian for quite some time to come. With a minimum $5 transfer amount at Gaming Club, that’s 15 20-week cycles before the average amount in each player’s bankroll hits the minimum $5 amount needed for transfers. In other words, that is 15x20, or 300, weeks that we can play on an initial $20 each. (That last statement is my “early morning, plus mediocre math student” possibly incorrect statement)

Granted, this makes certain assumptions. Like players only using the site for our game, and not diminishing (or increasing) their bank via other gameplay. And like players either staying in the game indefinitely, or at least transferring all their money to the others upon deciding they will play no more, so that none of the initial money leaves the bank pool.

But, assuming we still have avenues for getting money in over the next few weeks, and the legislation bans only money transfers, but not the playing of games itself, we can play this game well into 2012 on just $20 each.

Good showing, Dag. As for me…Another week, another excuse you really don’t wanna hear. Thursdays are beginning to suck for me…I almost wish I had the 10pm start time instead of 7pm.

Game is up.

I don’t have any bucks left. After the move, I played in a couple of games and got busted out. The one credit card I had that used to do Neteller doesn’t work any more. Neteller says there’s a “problem” with me doing direct bank transfers and wants my SS number. Right.

So I can play if I can get a transfer from another player. I promise not to squander it in ring games :smiley: and can send a check or PayPal to somebody if they’ll float me a loan.

Sure thing. What is your name at Game Room, and how much do you want?

My screen name is DukeOfRat, my account number is something else. If you need that, I’ll email it to you after I get off. Man, $10.50 will last the rest of the quarter and maybe I’ll get in the money in there sometime.

I use firepay for funding, and they have a note up now that they will refuse any transactions from the US as soon as Bush signs the new law. It looks like I am done with poker on-line.

That’s a shame, because my learing curve was very expensive and it has only been recently that I have begun to make money with some regularity. I even won $290 last night.

I have begun the process of emptying that account, and then I’ll close it.

Good luck to all!

You’re set, Duck.

Nice win, Lamar. Care to leave enough in just for the SDMB games? Word is that Neteller is going on business as usual.

Thanks, Dag…

Uh oh.

Looks like we need to find a new site. Full Tilt? Hollywood? Stars?

You got that from the Gaming Club? I haven’t received anything. Surely there’s some site out there that will let us have a weekly play money tourney if firepay and neteller go down. It was never about the money anyway.

You know, it’d be nice if these people would actually read the legislation.

Results for today:

  1. Dag Otto
  2. Duke of Rat
  3. Asterion

eh, Let me try again.

Results for today:

  1. Dag Otto
  2. Duke of Rat
  3. Asterion
  4. Robot Arm
  5. Kyywhatever
  6. Oslo
  7. Nesta
  8. Missy
  9. OMD
  10. Nooky

Team Dag Otto RULZ! :slight_smile: 1-2

Just my luck. Get back in, do fairly well, and they pull the damn plug…again.

In the news today, there were reports that Poker Stars and Bodog were going to keep operating. Their interpretation was that the bill is against gambling, but poker is a game of skill (obviously they’ve never watched me play). I guess we’ll see how that works for them.

After last week’s game, ast and I and someone else (sorry, I forgot who) began looking for a new place to play. Here is a list of places that use the same software as GC, which some of us are growing fond of. Anybody got a suggestion or preference? My only preference is that it be one of the busier sites, so I would have a reasonble chance of finding a ring game now and then.