DAMN!!! This cat is BIG!!!

OK, last week, Schrodinger the Invisi-Cat was put on a diet due to the fact that he was getting noticibly pudgy. OK fine. Instead of losing weight, he got bigger. Schrodinger, btw, is about 7 1/2 months old. Our other cat, Conan the Wonderkitty, had reached his full size at about six months of age, and we expected that Schro would do the same.

At the age of six months, Schrodinger was a little smaller than Conan, but also a bit plumper. I’m starting to wonder now if the Invisi-Cat was fattening up for a growth spurt. Schrodinger is now quite a bit bigger than Conan (who is not a small cat), and near as I can figure, still growing. He has a large head, broad, deep chest, thick legs and huge paws. And I don’t think he’s reached his full size yet.

I’m afraid that one of these fine days, I’m going to come home and find a freaking black jaguar laying on the living room couch. In the winter, this would be OK with me, because Schrodinger is a big cuddle-bunny, and could be used in lieu of an electric blanket. But it’s getting toward Summertime here in Vegas, and it gets freaking hot!!!
And if he gets any bigger, he won’t be able to sit on the backseat of my broom this Halloween…

Ah yes. I have a bunny that did the exact same thing. He’s 1.5 years old now, and still growing, near as I can tell.

Just for you cat lady! Mroowrr! Tubcat strikes again!


One of my in-laws in Decatur has a couple of cats. I was visiting one day when I met the first one: 24 pounds of big, lean kitty taking up the center of a table. When I said “Wow! What a big cat!”, my CIL said “What, the small one…?”


A little later in the evening I met the other cat. 40 pounds of big, lean kitty. Be afraid!

yes, TUBCAT rules all!

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We put this beast on a diet (cat food “for less active cats”) and he gained several pounds. He’s currently about 24 pounds of lazy, pitiful, insanely cute cat.

Some cats’ll just get fat no matter what. :slight_smile: