damn wrist

So a few days I find out I’m gonna be playing pro soccer, it’s not Juventus or anything but I’d be getting paid to play a sport which is pretty cool…500/game if I’m starting. Let’s fast forward to today. I am helping a buddy of mine move which went fine. We moved a few roles of fabric in a shopping cart. I’m taking the shopping cart back and decide to have a little fun and ride it…basically I put my feet on the rack at the bottom and prop myself up that way…

After a hundred feet or so downhill I wipe out. Landed on my palm and think everything is okay except my pride. My wrist is a bit soar so I head to emergency purely for precautionary reasons. I had some xrays done and was forced to sit and wait for the doctor. When I was waiting for the xray tech to give me the xrays, he toook a peek and I hear wow…not good.

Two hours later, the ortho guy comes in and asks me if I passed out or hurt any other part of my body. I say nah, just the wrist and that’s not even too bad. The doctor then proceeds to say I’ll be wearing a damn cast for three fucking months…takes me midway through july. I also need surgeory which I’m not really all that worried about, if it makes me heal I’ll be cool.

Now why did I bring the soccer thing up? Aint no fucking way a ref will let me play with a cast!!! FUCK

Why not? You don’t need your hands in soccer/football. Or are they afraid you’ll injure someone else with it?

Generally it’s the referees decision. Referees are afraid of an injury that the cast will cause.

You don’t seem to have a problem typing! Oooops, my bad! I forgot that soccer players don’t need their hands! :wink:

I see. Thank you.

At least they caught it. I was in a car wreck, broke my jaw and fractured my face on the right side in 3 different places - the hospital didnt even know it. I was trying to eat about a week later (after the wreck) and I couldnt, it hurt too bad. I told my mom (who I was staying with at the time) that I couldnt eat - it felt like my jaw was separated - turns out it was. Now get this, I was in a wreck, by myself. The only thing that appeared to be wrong from the get go was my mouth was bleeding. I had flipped my car and they didnt even check my head??? WTF is up with that?? Arent these people trained?? I mean, I am not a doctor or a RN, but at the same time, I would have thought, well, if she is bleeding from the mouth, she probably suffered some sort of head trauma!! Whats up with that??? It does suck however to be in a situation where your main goal in life is active. When something happens to you that can prohibit you, it sucks really bad. I used to be a dancer (not stripper, but ballet, point, modern) and I broke a toe (among other things). It sounds so stupid, but it can hinder you. I hope everything repairs normally!! I know some good physical therapists if you need them!! Both my sister and her husband are atheletic trainers.

Kru-baby- ouch!! I’m genuinely surprised they missed it. In the xrayed my entire arm even though nothing hurt above my mid forearm. I certainly hope everything turned out okay. I certainly appreciate the offer for physical therapists but I’m somewhat lucky as far as health care is concerned. My father is a doctor and he hooked me up with a hand and upper arm specialist. I really appreciate the offer though, thanks. :slight_smile:

Anytime!! I hope your arm heals quickly so you can play again. Good luck to ya!!

Talk to the area ref or the ref assoc. that does your games. With a properly padded cast you might be able to play.

“If in the opinion of the referee…”

I’ll definately do that. I’ll definatley have to wait at least a little while because it feels like the bone shifts when I run but I"ll definately give them a shout monday…thanks :slight_smile: