Damn You Popeye's (Long pointless and kind of whiny)

My class last night ended early, 8pm instead of 8:30 and I hadn’t had dinner yet. I realised I had a craving for Popeye’s spicy chicken. Now understand that I couldn’t afford the cost or the calories, and I was fully aware that it probably meant a full night awake with reflux, but I had to have me some Popeye’s. So, I got in my car and headed about two miles out of my way to the nearest store.

First off there were about 6 cars in line ahead of me, and this store is sort of notorious a slow drive-through, and the neighborhood isn’t the best to get out of the car. No matter there was good music on the car raido so I wait my turn. Eventually i get to the squak box, and a conversation commences.

SB: Welcome to Popeye’s can I take your order?

Me: I would like a three piece combo, spiciy, all white with redbeans and…

SB: What…kshhowwwwer

Me: I would like a three piece combo,spicy all white with redbeans and rice and…

SB: Was that a three piece…Ksshowwer

Me:Yes, I would like a three piece combo, spicy, all white with redbeans and…

SB: Did you want that spicy?..(lots more noise in backgrownd)

Me: Yes spicy.

SB: So that was a mild three piece…

Me: No. that was a spicy three piece all white with red…

SB: Did you want that a dinner?

Me: Sure

SB: please pull ahead

Me: But I never told you my drink

SB: the dinner doesnt come with a drink

Me: Fine, (ok then i guess I didnt want a dinner but whatever)

So I pull ahead and wait some more, by this time it is roughly 830 and I have been in line for 15 minutes. I get my food and pay. I sort of drive ahead a bit and grab the chicken breast out of the box and take a bite…

Whats this… where is my spice what the heck? I look at the reciept taped to the box. It says Three piece MILD … Then I look in the box. There is one wing left and the chicken breast in my hand. WTF?

I pull around and go into the store passing two employees smoking a joint in the parking lot. And go in. I talk to the lady at the counter.

Me: Excuse me, I just got this order from the drive through and it is wrong. Not only isnt it the spicey I wanted but it doesnt even match the order?

CL: Ok let me fix that. UMM there is a wait on the spicy. (Yells to the back…) How long on the spicy

Back guys: We don’t have any down…(but they have a full bin of mild and are clearly cooking other chicken)

CL: Ok (to me) Sorry we dont have any spicy…

Me: Ok fine give me what you have (Leaves the store angry)

So here is the deal. I can understand that perhaps you didn’t want to mess up a bunch of new chicken late, although I think Popeye’s closes at 1am) But why the fuck did you pretend you were going to give me what I wanted in the first place? With 6 cars ahead of me and at least 4 that came after I did it can’t be that you didn’t have the traffic to actually cook the stuff you have on the menu.

Anyway sorry, I needed to vent a bit because i spent the whole night sort of trying not to inhale my puke, and am kind of tired and cranky. That and I am mad at myself for not just asking for my money back and coming home and eating, because now I still want popeyes but have spent the calories and money.

Dammit, now I want Popeye’s.

Lucky bastard. Nearest Popeye’s is three hours away from me. :frowning:

Me too. Mmmmmmm.

That’s some scary neighborhood if you can’t walk 30 feet from a parking spot to a store! :eek:

This is why I prefer to go in to fast food joints.

Who’s going to be first with the Joe Pesci drive through rant?

I’ve got it worse. The nearest Popeye’s is around the block from my house. Far too close since I can often smell it outside my house and am forced to buy some.

Did someone mention Joe Pesci?

“They fuck you with the drive thru! They’re always fuckin’ you with the drive thru! First they’re fuckin’ you with the line! You gotta wait behind this fuckin’moron six cars ahead because they don’t have the food defrosted, then they gotta cook it, and you can’t even get up there to fuckin’ order! They could put the speaker box farther up, but no, they gotta fuck you with the line! Then they fuck you with the speakerphone! They know what you’re saying, they know exactly what the fuck you’re sayin’, they just get it wrong to fuck with you! Then you can’t understand a fuckin’ word they say, so you think they got the order right, but then you get it and it’s wrong! They fucked you, but you don’t know it until you pull out! Then you can’t go back, so you gotta go inside to say anything, and they say “oh, the manager has to handle that,” or “oh, there’s none of that left.” Theyr’e fuckin’ liars! And if they do fix your order, they’ll fuckin’ spit in it! They fuck you comin’, and they fuck you going! They fuck you, fuck you, fuck you with the drive thru!”

The Popeye’s employees were just working in your best interest!