Damn you, SBC and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

So I signed up for new phone service when I moved into my apartment in January. When I called, the SBC operator offered me “four free weeks” of the Post-Dispatch with my new service. I accepted, and she said if I didn’t want to continue the service I could call the number on the “statement” I would receive in the mail and cancel it with no charges.

I got the paper for a few weeks, starting about three weeks after getting my new phone service. It was nice, but I didn’t have time to read it and had no place to store the week’s worth of papers for Tuesday’s recycling. Then I got a statement in the mail saying I owed $23 and change for my subscription!

When the woman said “statement,” I assumed she meant I’d get a letter saying, “Your four free weeks expire on March 1 (or whatever date), and if you’d like to cancel them now call this number and you won’t be charged.” I called the billing office and explained what had happened, and the woman on the other end said, as though she’d said it a thousand times before, “The four free weeks are after you have paid for eight weeks, but we failed to communicate that to you, your subscription will be cancelled and you will not be charged.” I said okay, but I was a little incensed with this switcharoo.

Time passes, paper stops coming, but then I get a statement in the mail for $3.45. WTF? I call them up, and it’s a glitch in their computer, and they’ll clear it up. Then I get a postcard from the subscription department, asking me to return a comment form explaining why I cancelled my subscription and asking if they can help me at all. I explain the story (again) and send it back.

Then, today, another statement for $3.45. I call, again, and they say they’ll clear it up, again. Honestly, what the fuck is up with these people? You tried to scam me once, and now you’re trying to charge me for a paper I don’t subscribe to. You promised me four free weeks without telling me I’d have to pay first, then you claim you’ve cleared it up, then you try to wring me for $3.45 again. I’m worried now that you’re going to call a collection agency on my ass if your computer glitches don’t clear up. Fuck you, P-D, and fuck SBC for making this shitty offer.

Oh, and Post-Dispatch? Your website sucks, too. Do horribly nearsighted midgets determine your font size?

While I’ve never had any dealings with the P-D, I do agree that SBC’s customer relations aren’t worth shit. I learned my lesson a little while ago that any “offer” from SBC isn’t worth dealing with. My experience was in regard to DSL service and rebates. We finally got it straightened out (got our $150 rebate or whatever), but took forever. Then, when we moved across town they kept bumbling with switching our DSL to the new number. How fucking difficult is it! Not very. But they managed to get it done in just under two months. All they had to do was associate our account name with our new phone number in the computer. It took that long, and to get it fixed, I had to tell them exactly what to do.

Thirty Helens can’t be wrong. :slight_smile:

Heh. I have SBC DSL. I got the equipment on a Monday, but they told me it wouldn’t be up and running until Wednesday or Thursday. Then I noticed it was working a few hours after I plugged everything in on Monday… I got a call from a tech, saying he was very sorry our service had been interrupted, but everything should be up and running now. I told him I didn’t think it would be up until later that week… he got quiet fast. Somehow, I don’t think he was supposed to switch it on just yet. :slight_smile:

I made the mistake of subscribing for Internet service through SBC.

I have not once been able to find out what I’m entitled to (e-mail and the like) through them. The disk they were supposed to ship to me as a member, I’ve never gotten – and according to the one alleged “customer service representative” I did talk to, only a Vice President can authorize shipping me “another” disk – but I can download it from a website where my password doesn’t work to access it.

I wrote to a regional manager – not the regional manager for my area – clicking on the link for my area only takes me to a site advertizing their “wonderful” long-distance service. That person said she would forward my request for information about what I’m supposed to be getting, to the people who would deal with that sort of thing.

That was at the end of February. Not a word since.

I do get usually fairly good connection to the Internet, with the occasional carrier drop. But I’d recommend them only to people who feel they don’t have enough stress and frustration in their lives, and want a challenge.

Alas, by the time SBC pays for its daily full-page newspaper ads and its idiotically huge telemarketing operation (not to mention “executive compensation”), there just isn’t anything left for customer service.

Oooooo I hate SBC with the rage of a wolverine who’s just had his balls slathered with Ben Gay.

I’ve lived in the city now for close to 8 years. For the past 8 years, I have been unable to get DSL or even a dammed 56k phone connection.

After all, us city dwellers apparently can’t afford it, and we’re just lowly welfare subsidized citizens, otherwise we wouldn’t live in the city :rolleyes:

So I sit here with substandard phone service and in a broadband wasteland, while everywhere else everyone is getting DSL or Cable internet.

But that’s another rant for another day.


Listen to the voice in your head. It’s saying “Moooove to Chesterfieeeeld… mooooove to Chesterfieeeeld…” :smiley:

Jeez, that’s pretty far out there. I got extremely fast DSL connections in Richmond Heights. :smiley:


Listen to the voice in your head. It’s saying “Moooove to Chesterfieeeeld… mooooove to Chesterfieeeeld…” :smiley:

Stupid double post…

and yeah, I get great DSL in Brentwood! And I’m still no more than 15 minutes from Forest Park.

Stupid double post…

and yeah, I get great DSL in Brentwood! And I’m still no more than 15 minutes from Forest Park.

I hate SBC.

When I had to move to a temp apartment due to a fire, it took them a month to get my DSL service to work. Hampered my job search just a bit (I was unemployed at the time).

Last month I called to change my long distance provider (I couldn’t resist the free Ben & Jerry’s offer). Surprisingly, they were able to do that without fucking up. But they turned off my *98 service. It took me two phone calls to get that straightened out. Then when I got my bill, I saw that they had changed my local sercice package to something else without my ok.

Dumb fucks.

When I move, if I have any other option for local phone service I will use it. I will probably go to my cell for my primary phone, but I still want a land-line for 911. That’s if I find a cell phone provider I like. It ain’t gonna be AT&T, that’s for sure.

I’m in Canada, land of few choices, and I have read so many complaints about phone companies in the states… I’m just curious, which one(s) have American dopers had the least problems with?

Sprint is now offering local service in Canada… I called the toll free number to ask about it. It wasn’t yet available in my area, so the woman didn’t have a lot to tell me. I requested literature. She told me pamphlets were being sent out in newspapers and to keep my eye out. I said, “you won’t send me literature? You just want me to wait for Sprint flyers to come with the junk mail?” They wouldn’t send me literature. Ah well.

Hey, guess who I work for! :wink: The way it actually works is the customer places the order, the order is processed through the channels and a work order is submitted to your local telco who need to do some physical re-wiring to get the signal on your line. The customer is given a due date, which is basically a no-later-than date, but it is not uncommon to have the service earlier than you are told you’d get it.

You still suffering theough the dsl service? Drop me an e-mail, available through the linnk below. If you trust me enough to give me your dsl phone number, I can look up your account next time I’m bored and see what’s going on. As for not being able to get you a disk, that’s BS and I don’t know why you’re getting jerked around for that. I can send a new disk with 2 clicks of the mouse, and I sure am not a Vice President. Any of us lowly techs can send new disks.

I’m dial-up, not DSL, Crunchy Frog, but if that doesn’t change things, I’d be very happy to see what you can do. (I need to change the billing on the SBC account to another bank account, too.)

Sorry Poly, I’m strictly dsl. I don’t have access to the dial up accounts. The not getting your disk thing still sounds like BS though.

FWIW, I lived in The Hill area of the city about eight months ago and I got DSL fine. It was Earthlink, if that makes any difference.

Well, Actually, i’m like 17k feet from a central switching station. So no matter how many places I beg, I won’t get DSL.

BUT, i’m in a good mood now. Charter is upgrading the old tin can and string AT&T cable network that they bought from them, and I can get charter pipeline in about a month!

Makes mental note of where Crunchy works for the next time he’s out troubleshooting parents DSL connection <insert evil grin and laugh here>

Since this is sure to be the only time the Post-Dispatch is pitted, I’m gonna get in my licks about one of their “reporters”…

Vahe Gregorian is a cocksucking, shit stained rectal wart. May he be tied naked to the ground, covered in honey, and set upon by a horde of fire ants with a taste for penis. May he receive an enema of molten hot magma. May he be raped by a gang of furries and his face coated with the jizz of a thousand horny zit-faced teenagers. Fuck him in the ass with a splintered 18 foot tentpole. When he dies, may his decaying corpse be left to rot on a live webcam for necrophiliacs.

I really don’t like that guy.

Add me to the haters of SBC and their non-existent DSL service with a burning passion…

Order DSL, appointment to set up 3 weeks later with box of equipment sent to house. Tech comes to house, looks at computer, and says “Oh, I don’t do macs. We’ll have to get somebody else to come here.”

3 weeks later, tech comes to our house, IT’S THE SAME GUY!!! When asked about why it was him that came, he says that now he has a number he can dial to get help… so after 5 min of working on setting up our DSL, he leaves because apparently they sent the wrong equipment. We’ll have to set up another appointment for 3 weeks later. :mad:

So after some very angry phone calls to SBC and ever so politely mentioning that the tech that they had sent before had better not ever set foot on our property again. We get another box of equipment.

Around this time, I get back from college (I forgot to mention that it has been my mom dealing with all this nonsense) and decide to try to tackle the problem on my own. I find that the equipment they had sent was a DSL modem (okay), and 2 ethernet cards… our mac already had ethernet built in!!! And this is the reason for delaying 2 months!!! :mad: (one of them was even NuBus card for macs that hadn’t been even made for 5 years)

So finally, one very nice mannered tech comes to our house, can’t get DSL to work (he looks to know what he’s doing), get’s help, can’t get it to work, check the phone wires in our house, can’t get it to work, check outside where the phone line comes in to see if it works… they determine that while my house is close enough to the central station as the bird flies, the wires that connect my house apparently take a very convoluted path.

At least now I’ve been a happy customer of Cable for now almost 2 years. Oh, and I never did send their equipment back as they requested.