Damn you, Sci-Fi Channel!!

In January 1997, I bought a satellite dish system just to get the Sci-Fi Channel so I could see MST3K (also, my local cable company sucks felched goat ass). Now, three-and-half years later, I loathe the SFC. They killed MST3K, but not until moving it all over the schedule (a sure sign of impending doom). So, when they picked Sliders I was happy. Until I saw the 4th season. Very weak. The 5th season sucked diseased monkey nuts. It, too was cancelled. Oooooookay, they picked up Good vs Evil and it only lasted TEN EPISODES!! I’ll give SFC some credit: they’re getting a lot better at killing shows I like. Here’s the tally:

MST3K: 48 eps
Sliders: 40 eps
Good vs Evil: 10 eps

Oh well, Sci-Fi Channel, you can suck my lower intestine until your lower jaw locks up and you die.

OTOH, Farscape is one of the best things on television right now.

Farscape is probally the best show on Sci-Fi at the moment. Good Vs. Evil was orginally aired on U.S.A. I think, so Sci-Fi just got the left overs. Sliders ran its course a long time ago, they should have ended it at least when the main character split.

yes, i like farscape. lexx is entertaining too, in a very… cheap or light-hearted way.

Lexx Rules!!
Sorry, but that show is funny as fuck.
All I wanna know is which one of you posters is Xev?
I wanna sex slave with an overactive libido.

ooh, Xev… wait, I’m not bisexual. dang.
I’ll take Kai any day, though.

Could you be Xev for me? Ill dress up in black and get a goofy wig. re-inact a couple a scenes?

I hate the Sci-fi channel.

Sorry, you can’t be Kai unless you’re dead.

Umm, hello? * The Incredible Hulk * anybody? Great show. And I know the guy who wrote that kick-ass theme music :smiley:
Ha ha!!

Any channel that would dare rob me of MST3K can burn in hell forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever! Most original, clever show in history and the fuckers kill it? Die, die, die, die!!!:mad:

Psst, fnord1966, take a look at the cover of this week’s TV Guide…

MMmmm… Kai… :::Drool:::

I also have a major thing for Cade on First Wave… nummy :slight_smile:

Sliders deserved to be cancelled after that last episode… the whole “merged” person bs was just laaaaame. I think somebody thought their career was going to soar after making that Mars movie.

You know, what television really needs these days is a show that reallt SPEAKS to the younger generation, a show that shows what life is REALLY like, a show that examines issues that confront real people every day. Issues like: should I sleep wiith my best friends gorgeous girlfriend? Should I get a job? Should I have sex with this woman while dating another woman? To make it really relevant, it should examine the lives of a mixed group, say six people, who all live in a big city, like NY. But they should all be white, since no minorities live in NY. That’s what television really needs! :smiley:

I miss MST3K a lot too. It gave me my handle!

You know, I realized that I was defending the Sci-Fi channel (because I do so love it), while using an MST3K quote for my sig. So I will still curse their horrible horrible judgement in ending it.

Am I the only one here who finds Michael J. Nelson incredibly sexy?

Good lord, no… that man is certifiably yummy.

You know he has a book out?
Mike Nelson’s Movie Megacheese?

Yep! I’m probably going to get it next week… after my paycheck comes in…

I got the book a couple of weeks ago. HILARIOUS!! For those of you who may have read it: I think, but I’m not really sure, Mike doesn’t like Jim Carrey.