Damn you Tron 2.0! (for being so adictive)

Aprox 4am, last ‘day’ off (I work nights): Hm, I think I’ll put tron 2.0 on to pass the time.

I make my way through the levels, with some difficulty, but no ‘dead ends’, until Level from Hell 1™ = I have to make my way through what seems like 30 of the yellow virus dudes and then at the end wait for ‘byte’ to open a door (while contemplating his existence) while a big red wall ‘formats’ the system. After dying about 100 times I eventually master this bit. With a bit more to that level it’s completed.

More relatively straightforward playing until, Level from Hell 2™ = the guy can’t retrieve the e-mail fragment until I’ve cleared the area of ‘finders’ (or something). These bastards are little flying things with deadly-accurate aim, that can waste you in about 3 shots. What seems like about 10 of them are in that corridor, kill me in seconds. There’s also one to my left, too, which makes jumping out, firing, jumping back in almost impossible (think - attack from two fronts)

about an hour later I have got into a pattern of sniping the one on my left, and jumping out and shooting wildly down the ‘corridor’ where the 10ish others are.

Aprox 8 am, I am starting to think this is impossible. I decide to close the game and look for a ‘walkthrough’ then I will go to bed and sleep on it.

I find the walkthrough which says there should be only 3 of the ‘finders’. “Bollocks” I say, and like an idiot start the game up again.

Surely enough there are only three and I have that level done in minutes.

The next lot of hours are spent saying to myself “I’ll stop playing after this bit/level” over and over again.

Aprox 12am, 6 hours after I mentally planned to stop playing, I stop playing.
I go to bed where I hear “woof” repeatedly for about 4 hours.
This morning I am going to put the game on at about 8:30am for about an hours playing which will end at 1pm.


I had no idea about “Damn You dogs!!!” when I composed this, which 'sequential thread title’ed with that.

Yes, damn you dogs, for barking at nothing for 4 hours.


I finished the game last week. It’s bloody brilliant.

Just finished it last night. One of the most entertaining games I have played in a long time.

And Lobsang, I used the sequencer disc as my primary weapon through the entire game. There were only two or three times when I had to use something else (the sniping level and destroying some stabilizers). Not having to wait for the disc to return before firing again makes all the difference.

I’m actually envious that you get to experience the rest of the game for the first time!

pilot141 I used the disc nearly all the time for the levels I’ve done so far. The only other weapong I have found useful is the ball launcher, it got me out of Level from Hell 1™, standing in the infinite energy water blasting away yellow dudes.
I have just remembered the specific bit I stopped playing - The bit where the floor ‘switches’ (it doesn’t move, the panels merely switch on an off to make it appear as if there is a moving platform) to connect two platforms. Starts with 5, 4, 3 with a gap, two with a gap. I pictured myslelf plummeting to my death about 50 times and decided that was a good cut-off point.

Well, I did plummet to my death…er…de-rezzing several times on that level. Probably a good place to take a breather.

Still envious.

Well, if I can be of any assistance, I’ll gladly take it off your hands.

I actually used the sniper rifle throughout most of the game. Fully upgraded, it’s a pretty deadly weapon even without the scope activated. The charge gun was pretty good, two. Great for taking out resource hogs or those big worm things. Other than those two, I mostly used the regular disc with the power block program. Hardly used the ball launcher at all. Nor the blaster, after the first time you get it.

I’m at home now and… I’m on the SDMB??? WHY?
<runs out of thread and double clicks on tron 2.0>

ooh, that Level From Hell 2 ™. I share your pain, I just ended up cheating, it was the only way I could bear to do it. THEY JUST KEPT COMING!!!

I cheated at that point too. Life’s too short and the level was just too fucking frustrating.

Loved the game, hated this one level.