Damuri Ajashi, you are a moronic troglodyte of a crackpot

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Speaking about the Schools using lotteries or AA to diversify thread, Ajashi is clearly claiming that all Asians should be complaining about that like a monolite. He is really that moronic when he tries to dismiss Asian scholars or Law people that do notice how Trump the racist is using the DOJ to undermine what Yale and other institutions are doing about diversity.

ZosterSandstorm and DemonTree are ready to make it quadrupeds quadruplets

Speaking of crackpots, Ajashi just told a mod that he is an ignorant that being called an ignorant, about not all Asians or even Asian scholars agree with his attempts at helping dismantle even weak ways at making things fair for Hispanics and Blacks, is not a personal insult.

There is also the very willful dismissal of his declaration here that Trump is indeed a racist and now one wonders why Damuriajashi is incapable of connecting the dots and realize that it was the DOJ under the direction of Trump that has the racist in chief supporting the appeal of the Yale case to the supreme court.

damuriajashi SUSPENDED until Nov 15