Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol Spoilers

I finally finished The Lost Symbol. It took awhile because I kept googling the various locations and objects in the book.

It’s the first Dan Brown book that I’ve read. Is he super religious or something? The last three chapters were hard getting through. He was laying on the new age religious stuff pretty heavy. This was after the books real climax.

Dan Brown writes in a movie style. He doesn’t spend a lot of time describing stuff. I looked the locations up with google, and they are visually stunning. The action is non-stop. Almost too much for a book. I’d prefer more character development. It should be a great movie. Shove a firecracker up Tom Hanks ass and watch him run. :smiley:

The bad guy in this movie was truly evil. I rarely get that worked up over a book. Mal’akh was one crazy dude. I was nearly screaming at the end stab him! It’s going to be a challenge doing the full body makeup on this guy. I wonder who they will cast as Mal’akh?

The surprise…

Mal’akh is Peter Solomon’s son. Blew me away. It made me despise him even more. Blaming his dad for his own screwed up, drug filled life. Peter was right. His son was completely out of control. Peter couldn’t use his money and influence to get his son out of prison. It would have been wrong. The son needed some tough love and reality.

I was hoping for a little romance between Langdon and Katherine. Maybe there was a tiny spark?

So, how did you like the book?

Brown has one story in him, but he’s written it over and over.

Seriously, he’s so damn formulaic that he makes Clive Cussler look original with every new story.

I suspect this will be another blockbuster movie. Primarily because of the locations in Washington. I hope they get permission to film. Recreating the Capital bldg on a sound stage wouldn’t give the same stunning views of the mural under the capital dome.


I wasn’t even able to finish this book. Somewhere around the introduction of the paranormal research i just had to stop.

What Dan Brown does, he does very well. There’s a reason he sells a lot of books: they’re fun to read. I liked it as a nice Summer non-thinking page turner. The settings and background info on the stuff he uses to construct his thrillers are what make them richer. There’s some bad poetry and cliches out the wazoo, but I don’t expect a plotline that Shakespeare hasn’t written yet either.

I agree that it was formulaic and the New Age science crap was a bit much, but it was a real page turner. Brown knows how to write cliffhangers that keep me wanting to know what happens next. I finished the book over a rainy weekend and thought it was pretty darn good for what is, essentially, a summer popcorn movie in book form.

After the joke that was the Da Vinci Code, I wouldn’t read another of his books.

Are you serious about being surprised by that spoiler? I thought the identity of the villain was painfully obvious from the very, very first moment the phrase “Turkish prison” was mentioned.

There was an older thread on this board I posted to with my opinion. In brief, I thought it was godawful. I didn’t really care for The DaVinci Code, but I liked Angels and Demons, but this book was terrible from top to bottom.

My latest post in this month’s Watcha Readin’ thread:

**Finished The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown. There’s a lot of hate for Dan Brown, but the wife and I have always liked him. No doubt people’s ill feelings makes him cry all the way to the bank. However, this has got to my least favorite Dan Brown book. The wife agrees (she read it first). We’ve read all of his stuff. Since he pretty much uses variations of the exact same twist in all of his books, it’s becoming ridiculously easy to guess the big surprise; I saw it coming almost from the start. And the last 40 or 50 pages are all preachy, which I seriously dislike. Still, it was a fun read (until the last 40 or 50 pages), and I’d recommend it if you’re a Brown fan, in which case you’ve probably already read it.[/B

Oh, and how the hell did the CIA get a copy of that video? That was never explained.

The evil neutered guy sent it to them so they’d do his evil bidding.

Neither of us can recall the book saying explicitly that he had sent it to the CIA. He already had Langdon and Bellamy (the Architect) to do his bidding, and you’d think that would be enough without stirring up a CIA hornet’s nest. It seemed everyone was trying to keep the CIA out of the loop for most of it.