Dan Quayle, Murphy Brown, and Ozzy Osbourne

Sorry, I’ve been waiting 10 years for this.

First off, the obligatory (yes, I know this is the Pit) link and link.
The first link is to the recent story about Dan Quayle praising Ozzy Osbourne for family values. The second is to an interview where he says the behaviour of Jennifer Anniston’s character on Friends is all right, but stands by his remarks about Murphy Brown.

I would like to make one small point I’ve been wanting to make for a decade now. You see, I was a fan of Murphy Brown at the time, and following the story line. Heck, I still want a dart board in my office, and not just for making decisions. The way Murphy Brown wound up an e-e-evil single mother is this. Her ex-husband came back into her life, they restarted the relationship, and he proposed marriage. She put him off (IIRC, she was worried about their ability to live together without killing each other) until she found out she was pregnant at which point she accepted his proposal and he lit out for the hills, never to be seen again. In other words, as I took it being a single parent was not exactly her choice, but you never heard one bit of criticism of his behaviour. Yes, hers wasn’t all that great either, but of all the silly tempests in political teapots, this took the cake at the time. Two people making foolish decisions, and one gets vilified. We’ve got a woman taking a man at his word when he says he loves her and wants to marry her until she gets pregnant. If she’d decided to have an abortion, she would have been equally evil, so what was the poor character to do?!! Get better writers?!!

A-a-a-rgh! I know that this is old and stale, and yes, I’m seeing that therapist Monday, but I wanted to get this off my chest. I realize I may get crucified by some conservatives for this, but hey, it’s Sunday, I’m Christian, so a bit of crucifiction might be appropriate. :slight_smile:


Damn, from the thread title I was hoping the next line would be ‘walk into a bar’. :slight_smile:

That’s a downright mean thing to say about anybody. Mr Family Values ought to be ashamed :mad:

Ironic, ain’t it?
Quayle’s the last guy who should be commenting on the state of someone else’s brain.

Ozzy’s that way from drugs.

Quayle’s probably all natural. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, even Ozzy thinks he’s a walking anti-drug promotion. Did you not see the show where they found drugs in his son’s room? The most touching and (to my eyes) effective thing Ozzy said to his son during that arguement was “Look at me!”

I was watching To The Contrary on my local PBS station yesterday and the topic was women who choose to become single mothers. At the end of the panel was discussing that most women who “choose” to be single parents usually make that choice after they become pregnant. The conservative pundit said something which struck me as the stupidest thing I ever heard. I’m paraphrasing from memory:

“Well, you know my stance on right to life and how I feel about abortion [she is pro-life], but poor women shouldn’t choose single motherhood. If a woman can afford to raise a child by herself, then that’s fine. But if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t do it.”

The moderator repeated what had just been said, that even though there may be some poor women out there who wish for babies to have “something to love” , the research shows that most women – rich and poor-- choose to become single mothers after they find themselves pregnant.