Mr. President meet Ozzy. Ozzy this is President Bush.

I just saw on the local news that Ozzy had dinner tonight at the White House with President Bush. I am a huge Ozzy fan and I voted for Bush (please, no political stuff here).

This situation is killing me. I can imagine the conversation.

Ozzy: “So you’re the fg President. Well I am the Fg Prince of Darkness.”
Pres Bush: “Yes. The U.K. is a great ally. Have you met Tony Blair?”
Ozzy: “Tony F******G who? Sharon, SHARON!!!”

Talk about culture shock.


::Giggling like a little girl::

I saw tape of President Bush saying in the microphone, looking out at the audience “Ozzy, my wife likes your show!”. Or maybe he said “Ozzy, my mom likes your stuff!” I can’t remember. i know it was referring to some woman in Bush’s life that liked Ozzy’s something or other.

God. have i channeled Ozzy? SHARON!!!

(I imagined Ozzy not knowing even who the hell Bush was, what he was talking about, and looking vaguely confused and shuffling about…)

"The thing about Ozzy is, he’s made a lot of big hit recordings — “Party With the Animals,” “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,” “Face in Hell,” “Black Skies” and “Bloodbath in Paradise,”’ said the president.

“Ozzy. Your mom loves your stuff.”

Taken from:,2933,51967,00.html

I think it’d be hilarious to see GWB talking about such songs :slight_smile:

I saw a tape of Bush’s remarks about an hour ago on CNN – on the tape, he says “Mom loves your stuff.” “Mom” is presumably Barbara Bush, who has not been known for her love of metal.

This is surreal.

It just got more surreal. According to Sharon is listed on People Magazine’s ‘50 Most Beautiful People’ list.

Let’s see. Ozzy, after 30 + years in music has this going on: A) a hit show on MTV B) got invited to the White House C) has Rosie O’Donnell (SP?) promoting the show D) His wife hits People’s most beautiful list and E) is the subject of more than one talk - Entertainment Tonight type show and F) had his lat CD hit the top 10.

This just kills me because I remember when Ozzy was the “Satainc Bad Guy who is perverting all are kids and must be stopped”. Tipper Gore must be going nuts. (Reference to the PMRC thing).

I have met Ozzy and he is a really sweet and cool man with a lot of problems. His family, while more seemingly twisted than most, is problably more healthy than most because they are honest with each other.

Man, I love Ozzy.


Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work.
Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work.
Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work.

Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work.
Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work.
Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work.

Nope, no matter how many times I say this, I can’t picture it. There’s just something about the thought of Barbara Bush headbanging (or any other banging, for that matter)…I just can’t conceive of it.
It’s just such an alien thought, I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around it…

Wanders off, still shaking head and muttering:
Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work.
Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work.

Caught part of this on C-SPAN when I got home from work. Made me laugh and cheered me up after a long, bad day. Ah, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, one of the few events on C-SPAN that it is actually fun to watch.

Considering how wild both men were in the past during their booze and drugs days, it is possible (though unlikely) that Ozzy and Dubya could have met before and have absolutely no memory of it.

And this meeting could have been very recent. :wink:

And this meeting could have been very recent. :wink:

Just like we might not remember reading your reply that you wrote 20 minutes earlier :slight_smile:

A change of hair colour, some shades…can we be sure Babs Bush isn’t Ozzy – have they ever been in the same room together ?

ROFLMAO! Oh man, I hope SNL does a sketch on this, it’s tailor made for them. Even they couldn’t screw up a golden opportunity like this. I don’t think…

I also voted for W, and while I’m not a huge Ozzy fan, I took a certain naughty delight in listening to him back in grammar school…this was during the height of the whole flap over satanic rock music, and there was this one priest at my school who was realy, really, seriously into it (condemning them as satanic, I mean).

slee, that OP is hilarious. That first line is absolutely putting me over the edge here. :smiley:

But, guys, the quote from Fox news says that “Ozzy, your mom loves your stuff.” What the hell? How would he know?

I think Dubya is doing Ozzy’s mom?

Or maybe Ozzy is shagging Barbare Bush on the side, I dunno.

It’s all so confusing! SHARON!!! :smiley:

Yeah, I heard about the visit. As usual nobody knew what the hell he was talking about.

And Ozzy was talking kinda strange also… :smiley:

Oh, than you so very much. Now I have the tune of “Camptown Races” running through my head:

Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work,
Doo dah, doo dah.
Barbara Bush loves Ozzy’s work,
All the doo dah day.

Plays it through the night,
Plays it through the day.
She spends all her money on Sabbath discs,
And Millie’s run away.
I’m supposed to be working, and I’ve got this stupid tune in my head! How am i supposed to f***ing concentrate? I need my meds now. SHARON!

FOX News got the quote wrong. I saw the video footage. Bush actually said, “My mom loves your stuff.”

Well, they gave us the Simpsons, at any rate.

Then we are in the same boat. I had forgotten I posted it the first time around, I ended up posting it again.


I’ve heard Mrs. Cheney thinks Ozzy is not someone to applaud and a bad influence…