Dan Savage rant

I wake up every morning thankful that the people I’ve voted into power—men like George W. Bush—have more important things to do than lick sperm off the ground or deal with the results of drinking too much urine. Have a great day.

Mike C.

No disrespect to sperm-licker-uppers or urine drinkers everywhere, but it’s entirely possible that the president can be counted among their number. A person’s political leanings, competence, and command of the English language tell us very little about their private sexual conduct. Indeed, one study in the mid-'90s found that conservatives were, on average, kinkier than liberals. And as we’ve seen time and again, folks who bitch the most about the sexual perversions of others are frequently perverse motherfuckers themselves. Which means it’s entirely possible that the president licks Dick Cheney’s sperm off the ground three times a week, and that you, Mike, long to drink a tall, warm glass of Bill Frist’s urine.

Straight Rights Update: Earlier this month Republicans in South Dakota successfully banned abortion in that state. Last week the GOP-controlled state house of representatives in Missouri voted to ban state-funded family planning clinics from dispensing birth control. “If you hand out contraception to single women,” one Republican state rep told the Kansas City Star, “we’re saying promiscuity is okay.” On the federal level, Republicans are blocking the over-the-counter sale of emergency contraception and keeping a 100 percent effective HPV vaccine—a vaccine that will save the lives of thousands of women every year—from being made available.

The GOP’s message to straight Americans: If you have sex, we want it to fuck up your lives as much as possible. No birth control, no emergency contraception, no abortion services, no life-saving vaccines. If you get pregnant, tough shit. You’re going to have those babies, ladies, and you’re going to make those child-support payments, gentlemen. And if you get HPV and it leads to cervical cancer, well, that’s too bad. Have a nice funeral, slut.

What’s it going to take to get a straight-rights movement off the ground? The GOP in Kansas is seeking to criminalize hetero heavy petting, for God’s sake! Wake up and smell the freaking Holy War, breeders! The religious right hates heterosexuality just as much as it hates homosexuality. Fight back!
Just thought it needed saying.

And Mike is a total asshole.

But more imortantly…no abortion AND no birth control??? how do you think you stop abortion??? And that promotes promiscuity???What about married woman who are just not ready to have children yet? What about single womem who are not promicuois? Oh wat they’re not suppose to have sex at all…and the government it suppose to tell them that.

Fuck them all. No wait, they don’t deserve to be fuck…unfuck them.


oh and i just wanted to add, while i agress with Dan that who knows what GWB and the rest’s sex is really like (altough anythng i can think of is still more dirtusbing than piss drinkinng) i still think it’s better than getting people killed. And if a big glass of piss will distract GWB from some of the things he’s been doing more the better.

betenoir, you’ve been here long enough to know not to post others’ material. A short, attributed quotation is fine, but it’s not clear from reading this which is yours, and which is Dan Savage.

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