Dancing With The Stars: Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews out as hosts, Tyra Banks in

My interest in this show has waned over the last few seasons, and this may be the final nail in the coffin.

Tom Bergeron was so good as a host. He’s quick-witted, empathetic, and always good in tough situations–like awkward moments with the contestants, or production problems during live shows.

I’ve seen Banks in some of her shows and the best word that comes to mind to describe her is ‘histrionic.’ Ugh.

I don’t know what motivated this change. I get the impression it wasn’t Bergeron’s choice to leave.

I skipped last season because of Spicer, but I’d planned on trying to watch whenever the next season starts. Now… probably not.

We’ll no doubt try to watch it, especially if they get any interesting celebrities, but Tyra has long worn out her welcome with me. Ugh is right.

Oh, no. Why?

I liked Tom so much. I can’t see this going well.


Well, I too had stopped watching and was thinking I’d go back this season, but not without Tom. I like Erin too. She grew on me.

I hadn’t watched it for a few seasons, at least. Bergeron was just about the perfect host for such a thing - genial and just “vanilla” enough to be broadly acceptable to a number of audiences (particularly, I expect, an older white crowd), but very quick on his feet (as the OP mentioned) and surprisingly snarky when he wanted to be, without ever going over a line. I, too, warmed to Erin Andrews. I think her experience as a sideline reporter gave her a leg up over previous co-hosts.

The tone of his tweet announcing the change made it pretty clear, I thought, that this was not Bergeron’s idea. I’m sure he’ll be just fine. I don’t imagine that his successor will do anything to improve the show.