DWTS - Dancing With the Stars - Fall 2021

4 weeks in and no thread yet? Is anybody watching anymore?

Every season I think I don’t care anymore and every season I get sucked back in.

The current crop of celebrities is possibly the most obscure yet, but there are a few recognizable names. As always, you get to know the ones you’d never heard of as the season progresses, and I’m really more interested in the pro dancers anyway.

I’ve found this season to be a lot of fun so far. Melora Hardin (Jan from “The Office”) is my favorite surprise; she’s crushing it. The WWF guy (“The Miz”) is entertaining. Jojo Siwa and Jenna Johnson are the first same-sex dance couple.

And Tyra Banks isn’t as bad as she was last time.

Anyone paying attention this year?

Yes, my wife lured me back in as well. Overall, it’s enjoyable. I think Banks is a distraction but harmless.

I’ve heard music I wouldn’t normally hear otherwise. I was particularly taken with Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again”.

I am watching it. I can’t abide other scripted reality shows, but always make time for DWTS. Perhaps its the pure shamelessness of it all.
So far the biggest positive surprise has been Melora Hardin. I find Jojo to be one of the most annoying people on the planet, so the novelty of a same-sex couple is lost on me. I’m afraid she’s going to be there till the final show. To date all the people eliminated have richly deserved it. The real housewife is playing with house money, barely escaping elimination twice. Next week her time is up unless someone else really bombs.

I’ve been watching Amanda Klootz and country singer Jimmie Allen dances on YouTube.

I quit watching the entire show several years ago. I read the weekly recaps and watch the people I’m interested in on YouTube.

It’s been frustrating this season because they aren’t posting the rehearsal & dance. It’s just the dance.