Dancing with the Stars, Spring 2010

They just announced the cast – Pamela Anderson, Buzz Aldrin – !!! – Kate Gosselin, Evan Lysaceck. Et al.

They start three weeks from tonight, March 22.

Woo hoo!

Here’s the full list:
Pamela Anderson
Buzz Aldrin
Kate Gosselin
Jake Pavelka
Evan Lysacek
Erin Andrews
Nicole Scherzinger
Chad Ochocinco
Shannen Doherty
Aiden Turner
Niecy Walsh
Might be interesting. I am tempted to watch just to see Erin Andrews and Nicole Scherzinger, but I’m also likely to boycott it just because of Kate Gosselin. Really, haven’t we seen more than enough of this woman? She’s stretching her 15 minutes of fame more than Kato Kaelin managed to do.

Well, I’m assuming Lysacek will have this in a walk, but I have to wonder - why is he doing this at his peak of Olympic glory? He just won his Gold Medal less than two weeks ago.

I shall treat Gosselin as I did Tom DeLay. I discovered then that there was something to be said for having a contestant to utterly dislike.

Do you think Buzz Aldrin just wants to learn to dance, or that he wants/needs the money? Or has he suddenly developed an interest in becoming comic relief?

Lysacek almost certainly signed up before he won the gold, he was not favored to win.

Well, I recognize about half the names on the list, which is about average, I guess. I’ll wait to see who they’re being paired up with, but, hey, ABC? Kate Gosselin and Buzz Aldrin are not really making this season must-see TV for me.

And for those wondering “who are these people?” (I’d never heard of a lot of them)

Buzz Aldrin - Walked on the moon - dancing with Ashly Del Grosso (who is apparently back)
Pamela Anderson - actress formerly on Baywatch - with Damian Whitewood
Erin Andrews - ESPN reporter - with Maks
Shannen Doherty - actress from 90210 & Charmed - with Mark
Kate Gosselin - reality TV mother of sextuplets - with Tony
Evan Lysacek - won Gold at the olympics - with Anna
Niecy Nash - actress from Reno 911 & Clean House - with Louis
Chad Ochocinco - football player - with Cheryl
Jake Pavelka - ex-Bachelor - with Chelsie
Nicole Scherzinger - Pussycat Doll - with Derek
Aiden Turner - actor from All my Children - with Edyta

So it looks like Edyta has another soap star, Derek has another entertainer with a questionable reputation, Tony has another “older woman,” and Cheryl has another football player. I feel like I’ve seen this season before.

I’m still going to watch, though.

A bunch of “flavor-of-the-months” and has-beens.


Reality TV really sucks. Remember when they actually wrote screenplays?

As a Bengals fan and a NASA junkie, Ochocinco and Aldrin will be worth watching. However, Pam Anderson and Kate Gosselin may just make me turn it off. I’ll probably just change channels when they come on.

Buzz Aldrin made the news a few years back for punching a guy who said the moon landings were faked.

Obligatory Disney Machine tie-ins: Erin Andrews (ESPN) and Aiden Turner (ABC).

Well I’ve heard of the first two, but that’s it. Guess i don’t watch enough Entertainment Tonight. (If that’s even still on!)…TRM (so out of the pop-culture loop)

Good for him! :smiley:

Oh God no…not Kate Gosselin. This woman is such a fame whore. I’ll watch it though,I love Evan Lysacek.

Given that the Pussycat Doll has Derek Hough as a partner, that’s a definite possibility for a win as well. Lysacek won’t be the only contender, although I’d still have to pick him as the favorite.

Kym Johnson, Jonathan Roberts, and the new Anna are all missing from the pro lineup.

I’ll watch, at least some of it, for the novelty factor. I wouldn’t ‘boycott’ the show because someone obnoxious was on, where’s the fun in that??? Either they do amazingly well (boo) or are voted off in a week (yay). Wouldn’t be much fun without someone for the Haterz to snark at.

Which is an improvement over their first few seasons, when it was just has-beens.

I’m surprised no one from the Balloon Boy family is on.
I would just bet there will be moon walking and big tit jokes.

Anna T finally has a chance at the mirror ball. Thank god.

Am I a bad person if I immediately wondered how Pamela Anderson is going to do quickstep and jive? Those can be painful even for the less endowed.

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twickster, Cafe Society moderator

He was reigning world champion, so not exactly a long shot, either. What surprises me is that it means he’ll be sitting out this year’s Worlds … guess he’s retiring from amateur competition.

Not entirely surprised Kym is taking a season off – she did pretty well last season. :wink:

Seriously. Engineering a dress of the appropriate level of skimpiness that also offers adequate support is going to be a hell of a challenge.