Dancing with the Stars -- DWTS -- Fall 2010

The women:

Jennifer Grey
Margaret Cho
Audrina Patridge
Florence Henderson
Bristol Palin

The men:

Michael Bolton
Mike “The Situation” Florentino (Jersey Shore)
David Hasselhoff
Kurt Warner
Kyle Massey (young Disney rapper)
Rick Fox

Jennifer Grey :wink: Baby is b a c k!

I wonder if she can still dance? Gosh, Dirty Dancing came out in 1987.
Back in the early days of DWTS my dream cast included Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Wouldn’t that have been some kind of awesome?

I know Patrick Swayze was considered a real dancer. I wonder how much training Jennifer Grey has?

I just can’t believe they got her. What a coup. The girl from Dirty Dancing. I admit a major guy crush on Baby. My gosh who wouldn’t?

Patrick Swayze talking about teaching Jennifer Grey to dance. IIRC Patrick Swayze taught dancing in his mom’s studio as a teen.

Jennifer Grey could be interesting but all the reality “stars” and the Palin kid pretty much guarantee zero interest on my part. Not that I watched much of last season either.

Dancing With The Stars, you keep using that word “stars”. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

They are stars though, whether they deserve to be or not.

In other news, Margaret Cho! I would watch Margaret Cho reading the phone book. We don’t get the US Dancing With The Stars here but I will have to seek out clips of her performances.

I dunno, Kelly Osborne turned out to be a contestant a lot of us were really rooting for – reality star per se isn’t a deal-breaker for me. Enh – nobody on the list I’m super psyched about, and even the people I’m going into it with negative feelings towards (Hasselhoff, Bolton) might proved to be fun to watch in a “love to hate” sort of way.

No Tom DeLays or Neil Armstrongs, though, and I do consider that a good thing.

Kurt Warner may be a trip. I didn’t know his religion allowed for dancing.

I was hoping you’d post this, twicky.

Ok, so I’ve heard of five of the women and two of the men. About par for the course.

I have watched every season since Season 2. I won’t be watching this one. I have watched seasons where I wasn’t really interested in any of the “Stars”, but managed to warm to some, but I don’t remember any other season with so many people I actively dislike.

Not even my undying love/lust for Cheryl Burke can bring me to put this on my DVR.

Munch Rankings (note: I’ve never seen this show):

  1. Rick Fox
  2. The Situation
  3. Brandy
  4. Audrina Patridge
  5. The Hoff
  6. Jennifer Grey
  7. Kurt Warner
  8. Bristol Palin
  9. Kyle Massey
  10. Michael Bolton
  11. Margaret Cho
  12. Florence Henderson

How is Jennifer Grey a legitimate contestant on this show? She was in a frigging ballroom dancing movie!

Yeh, not like Kurt Warner a quarter back. The whole point is some turn out better than expected.

She is a legitimate contestant because she will get a lot of people to watch the show which makes the advertisers happy which is what funds the thing.

My money is on Jennifer Gray and Brandy.

But…I thought the idea was to have non-dancers, or non-professional dancers, learn from the pros. Jennifer Gray has already learned from a pro and you could argue that having danced in a movie, she IS a pro. Whereas all Florence Henderson did was chop vegetables.

There is a person who goes by the sobriquet “The Situation”? How very weird. I guess I’d put my money on him for “trainwreck of the season” just based on that name.

Yawn. None of them really pique my interest. This show has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for celebrities for the last few seasons.

This controversy will gets lots of people talking about the show and watching it. That is the idea. This isn’t the Olympics of twenty years ago.

So she was in a dancing movie nearly a quarter of a century ago and hasn’t danced since. Won’t it be interesting to see if she can still do it? When she was filming the movie she did little snippets of a dance with lots of takes and editing. This isn’t really the same as a competition when she has to memorize a routine and do it one time as well as possible. Is Sylvester Stallone qualified to be a professional boxer?

I’m looking forward to seeing Raymond Massey dance. He must be getting on in years, though.

I was stunned when she said she was 50. Doesn’t look it.

I have more and more contempt for reality stars. I hate that I even know who Patridge and the Situation are, I’ve never watched their shows and have no intention to watch them but they are constantly shoved down my throat by the media. Most actors don’t get this kind of media saturation and these people are famous for what?

Anyway, I guess I just keep hoping that people will decide to stop paying attention to these reality fame-whores so they can finally disappear from the media, as it should be.