"Dancing with the Stars V" preview

Scary Spice, Wayne Newton, Marie Osmond and a whole slew of lesser mortals, several of whom I’ve never heard of.

Not exactly their most star-studded season.

The thought of Marie Osmond doing ANYTHING sexy… is… well, something I just have to see – just once.

Otherwise I agree, a rather uninspiring cast!!

No love for Jane Seymour ? I for one am looking forward to that!

And Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban !

Otherwise, I agree–pretty lame contestants.

Am I a bad person that I’m picturing Mark Cuban as Peter Boyle performing “Putting on the Ritz”?

Jane Seymour? I didn’t pay attention to that. Ok, she might be interesting to see. I was hoping some total HUNK would be on. Pierce Brosnan…siiigghhh… I would set up a seasons pass on my TIVO for him. <getting a napkin to wipe the drool>… ok, I am better now.

Oh, c’mon. One of the most satisfying thrills about this show is seeing someone you wouldn’t expect in a million years to be any good positively shine (Jerry Springer, anyone)?

I’m definitely watching, not only because it’s going to be on no matter what, but this, surprisingly enough, has become the only reality program I get any enjoyment out of anymore. Room for improvement, definitely…don’t like the idea of the judges constantly in the firing line, and that draconian last-man-standing format is looking more out of place than ever…but in terms of entertainment value, this one’s pretty good.

Nah, this one is excellent – definitely my favorite of the reality/competition shows. And finding unexpected people to root for is absolutely part of the fun.

It just doesn’t seem like DWTS without a boy-band alum, though. :wink:

Monique Coleman, Billy Ray Cyrus, and now Sabrina Bryan- three years of Disney corporate synergy!

Well, Disney is owned by ABC – so we can throw in Kelly Monaco from Season I as well.

It will be interesting to see how the pairings work out. Cheryl has the “old guy” this time around in Wayne Newton (65), Tony has the “mature gal” in Jane Seymour (56). As a sort-of “old guy” myself (60), I keep hoping they come up with someone limber and uninjured. Not having paid any attention to Newton in 40 years, I have no idea what shape he is in, but I’m not hopeful. Coming from the position of having a moderate 35-year crush on Seymour, I hope she lasts longer than typical for the oldest women in the previous years’ competitions.

I forget, does Edyta have someone she’ll feel compelled to twirl in circles around?

Oh, and Kenny Mayne was in Season 2. I’m still holding out for Daytime Emmy Award winnner and Catwoman Eartha Kitt.

Elsewhere in the “DwtS” universe: A new show, hosted by Season II champ Drew Lachey, pitting Bruno and Carrie Ann against each other in coaching … um … teams of singers and dancers of some sort?

Could be lame – could be amusing – probably more the former than the latter.

I’ll watch anyway, of course.