Dancing with the Stars

So – am I the only one watching this?


Guess so.

I’m finding it entertaining – esp. watching how each couple tries to choreograph their number so the professional dancer does most of the work.

Rachel Hunter – who’da thunk? And John Herlihy, too – very impressive.

Poor Evander Holyfield – that was simply painful tonight.

I voted for Trista – :frowning: – how the hell did Kelly Monaco get enough of a sympathy vote to stay in the running?

Hm, so who to vote for this week – Rachel Hunter or John Herlihy?

I thought I was the only one who watched it. Personally, I think Rachel and her dude were the best. All the ladies’ dresses were breathtaking, and even the lamest (I’m looking at you, Evander) were still better dancers than I could ever hope to be. I think the choice of music is kind of sucky, and I don’t know who the judges are, but Missy Sister over there is a bit of a beotch.

Oh, and Twickster, you get a wink and a cute star 'cause I always say actor Jon O’hurley’s name in my mind as Herlihy too, as in “…for God’s sake, let the Herlihy kid paint the house…” a la SNL.

I’m not only watching it, I’m taping it, although I missed part of last night’s episode. It’s funny. A few weeks ago, I started taking ballroom dancing, specifically cha-cha-cha and waltz, and last week’s moves looked almost nothing like what I was learning! Maybe that’s for the advanced classes? :confused:

I was watching it with a couple of friends yesterday, and I said the place I’d be worried about was next-to-last place, on the theory that last place will get enough sympathy votes from the audience to be saved. Since I liked Evander Holyfield, I was happy to see him survive the first round, although I suspect there’s no way he’ll win. Still, he looks like he’s enjoying himself. Working with him in a boxing ring looked like a great idea!

I loved the preening most of the professional dancers did in the first episode. To paraphrase, “I am the greatest/sexiest/most fantastic dancer in the world and I can make anyone look good!” I’m sure some of it’s justified, but after a while it seemed a bit over the top.

Is it just me, or did all three women seem a bit whiny?


I only caught the last few seconds before Lost came on.

The only comment I have to make is that the only person I recognized was the guy who used to be on Seinfeld.

Guess I’m not up on my stars.

You’re giving me too much credit – I was conflating him with Ed Herlihy, a long-time TV announcer.

Question: How are the people being paid? Differently for the stars and the dancers, I would imagine. No doubt they got paid on a salary basis during the training – does their final fee depend on how far they make it in the competition?

Also – Trista, last night, with the “I’m a respectable married woman, I can’t possibly rumba with this Fabio wannabe – but once Ryan (of “Trista and Ryan,” did you know we met on TV?) came in and approved it, I was good to go.”

That was just … dumb. I was glad she got voted off after that.

Could someone ID the first two “stars” from last night’s show for me?

They made a point of telling us about the Bachelorette, the boxer, the soap opera star, and the Seinfeld guy, but if they gave any background on the first two I missed it.

BTW, are the pairs allowed to pick which of the two dances of the week they do, or are they assigned? I’m suspecting the later, 'cause I can’t think that anyone would have decided that a big hulking guy would be a good be for a quickstep. :eek:

Each week, all the male-star-female-dancer pairs have done one dance, and the female-star-male-dancer pairs have done the other. The first week, they played to the strengths of the pros – lots of booty shaking for the females in the cha-cha, and the need to lead well for the males in the waltz.

This week, I was trying to figure out whether they were playing to strengths or what – the quick-step seemed like an evil choice, whichever sex they assigned it to. (My boy John whateverhislastnameis did really well, though.)

Rachel Hunter is a former model – who must have done some dancing, or something, she’s pretty freakin’ limber – and Joey McEntire used to be in a boy band, I don’t know which one.

Trista has no connection with her partner. None. It’s dead between them. That said, Kelly was awful - as has been Evander Holyfield. (Though it’s kind of funny to watch him dance, which I guess is why he got votes.)

Voting is weird for this, they only seem to allow it for an hour after the show ends. It was amazing last night, though, it seemed that Rachel Hunter (who had a really, really good dance) had come in so low in the audience voting that she was next to last? Yikes.

Have they said why all the male star/female dancer couples have been doing one dance while all the female star/male dancer couples have been doing the other? Were they assigned, or did they choose?

They did say that they were announcing the couples that were staying in random order – I’m absolutely positive there’s no way Rachel and whatshisface could have been second-to-last.

I believe the dances were assigned, but don’t know where I got that idea from.

You can vote online – abc dot com – up to Tuesday night. That’s where I voted.

I’ve taped it and will watch it tonight. Some of last week’s show was just sad. Kinda like if they were trying to teach *me * how to dance. DeHusband tried to watch with me, but ended up telling me that there was now *no way * that I could ever talk him into taking dance lessons. :smiley:

I love this show. Evander is hilarious, so I like him. The Seinfeld guy has a sense of humor, so I like him.

Trista didn’t want to dance a sexy dance with a man other than her husband? Is this the 1880s?

This must be doing great in the ratings – they’re rerunning last week’s show before the new ep tomorrow night. So for thems as haven’t caught the fever yet… :wink:

It was the number 2 show last week. Surprising!

The judges really don’t like the little soap-opera girl. (Katie? Kelly? Kandi?) But their “sexy” dance was the only on that was actually sexy!

And Evander is funny. I hope he gets better but it looks like he’s going to harm to his partner.

Stop reading if you don’t want to know what happened this week. Spoilers ahead!

Well, tonight’s elimination wasn’t too surprising. It’s a tribute to his charm he lasted as long as he did.

I’m glad they explained the voting a little better – whoever said upthread that Rachel in second-to-last place was right. Yikes! Now that we know how important our votes are, perhaps we can treat them a bit more seriously.

I wish they had started with more couples – I can’t believe they’re down to four already! I bet they’ll start with more next time – who knew this show would be so popular?

My predictions: Next to go, Kelly, then Joey, then John, with Rachel winning.

Except she doesn’t have the built-in fan base the others do … hm…

Is everyone else enjoying this as much as I am?

I watched this tonight for the first time and loved it, especially Joey and Ashley.

The only stars I recognized were Evander and Hurley.

Hurley and Charlotte were awesome in that quick step (in the repeat from last week) and again with the tango, but I’m voting for Joey and Ashley. The theory being that Hurley and Charlotte are a shoe-in, and that Joey and Ashley almost got booted off and need the votes.

Ain’t it clever, how I worked in those foot-related puns? :smiley:

I don’t really agree with the way the voting works. I assumed that if a couple had a score of 28 then they had a score on a scale of 1-30 for the audience votes as well.

So if the second place couple are one point behind the first place couple or seven points, it makes no difference?

I’m loving this show. I cheered when O’Hurley did the eyebrow raise thing. I almost never do that for TV.

The scoring system is stupid. It is ludicrous that someone who does that much better could get slammed by audience voting. Someone close, maybe - but this is ridculous.

I also still want to know how they chose which dance to do … why was Evander doing the Jive? It was way too fast for him. Tango, he had a chance, but didn’t we learn last week with quickstep that he just can’t step quick. I didn’t like Joey and Ashly this week - his posture bothered me, but I do like his enthusiasm. And Rachel actually tango-ed.

I watched it yesterday after reading this thread. There is something simply magical about ladies in long dresses and men in tuxes with tails whirling around. I loved John O’Hurley. I never liked his character on “Seinfeld,” but he is one nice guy.