Dandruff is just dead flakes of skin as far as I know, unless someone can prove me otherwise. so why doesn’t everyone have dandruff? My head is as normal as yours, it gets dead skin flakes, so why do I not have dandruff but my brother or you or whoever does?

PH imbalance. If the scalp is too alkaline, constant flaking. A vinegar rinse is a good permament solution, not that Johnson & Johnson is going to let it get around.

As far as I know, 50% of people suffer from varying degrees of dandruff. So it does affect alot of people (sorry I don’t have a cite, it is just something that I remember reading a couple of times)

And as it is a pH imbalance problem I don’t see how a vinegar rinse could be a permanent solution. I believe it could work for a while, but not permanently.

Cite, por favor.

with short stiff bristles. They are a buck or two each at your local huge discount store. Use it as you shampoo and those flakes will wash away as you shower instead of falling on your shoulders at other times.