Daniel Craig off suicide watch list...

…agrees to do another 007 movie instead of slicing his wrists.

I’m just glad he’s going to be okay and in another Bond film.

I’ve never seen so many euphemisms for “they offered him a shit-load of money” in my life.

The preview for Logan Lucky sure gives us a new look at Daniel Craig.

I might actually want to go see this one. If they offered him a sufficiently large amount, it may be sufficient to impact their SFX budget, which means that they’ll script for less SFX, more realism, and more story. Quel bummer.

I’m sure that his agents and managers pointed out that no one else is going to pay him anywhere near what he would get for the Bond movie. I hope they negotiated a big upfront salary and profit participation on the backend.

I’m always up for another Bond film so I’m glad they’ve decided to throw more money at the best Bond actor thus far in the franchise.

But yeah, the writing in SPECTRE was cringe-worthy.

Also, Logan Lucky is news to me. Looks like a fun movie.

I remember seeing that interview a couple of years ago (in which Daniel Craig said he’d rather break the glass he was holding and slice his wrists than appear in another of these movies). It was pretty funny. But as I remember, he suffered a serious injury during shooting, so I can understand why he was upset.

Surely you meant “percentage of the gross”, given the studios’ uncanny ability to lose money on virtually every film.

So, this means you should never say, “Never again”? :smiley:


I just hope his agents and managers don’t lose out in their benevolent eagerness to get him the best deal.

Reminds me of an interview I saw with Harrison Ford, some time in the 90s, where he said that the only way he would make another Indiana Jones movie was if it was called Indiana Jones and the Comfortable Chair.

That’s such an old trick now I doubt a top tier agent, such as Craig undoubtedly has, would get screwed by it.

I’m usually up for a new Bond film, and I thought Craig was brilliant in Casino Royal. But that last one was an absolute stinker. Maybe the worst Bond flick I’ve ever seen.

Aside from aston martins, I want to see more British brands like webley, holland & holland, trickers, wilkinson sword, bikerstaffe bows, etc.

Check out the Kingsman movies.

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The preview for Logan Lucky sure gives us a new look at Daniel Craig.


Man, Danial Craig does an amazing Jeff Sessions impression!

He’s starting to look too old. Give James Purefoy part.

No, Quantum of Solace was the worst Craig Bond. Visually chaotic, lackluster plot, boring and violent, it undid all the good will that Casino Royale engendered. Admittedly I haven’t seen Spectre yet.

The best living actor, perhaps.