daniel day lewis VS daniel day lewis

I watched Gangs of New York again last night, and it got me thinking: who would win a fight between Day Lewis as Bill the Butcher and Day Lewis as Hawkeye out of Last of the Mohicans, what with all the knives and the axes and sharp things. in a street battle.

I peg for Bill. even though he does talk like Kinky John off Reeves & Mortimer, he got the stabbyness.

your thoughts please

Well, whichever one wins will surely get a lovely pair of shoes from Daniel Day-Lewis.

Is Uncas still alive in this matchup?

Well, Hawkeye-Daniel invariably is with Chingachgook, and that guy had a wicked big chopper thingie…

Hawkeye was good but Radar would bite his ankles.

Hawkeye would just shoot Bill from a mile away with his long rifle.

But my money’s on Daniel Day “Christy Brown” Lewis. That guy was tough.

Haven’t seen NY yet, but I’ve heard he portrayed one mean sonuvabitch. However, I have seen pictures of him as Bill the Butcher and must comment that he looks soooo much better with long hair and no facial hair, delectable really, so it is with extreme bias that I vote for Hawkeye.

Sorry, all my money’s on Cecil Day-Lewis…

Batman, if he’s prepared.

Maybe movie Radar would, but not TV Radar.

“I don’t give a tuppeny fuck anbout your moral conundrum, you meat-headed shit sack.”

BUTCHER in one round.

I love the way Bill the Butcher spoke. It’s like Bugs Bunny but for real! Do people actually speak that way in Brooklyn? Did they? How recently did the accent disappear, if people DON’T speak that way anymore?

racinchikki Daniel Day-Lewis used a recording of Walt Whitman as his inspiration for the accent.

Ah-ha. And Bugs Bunny’s voice was making fun of somebody else in the Warner Brothers studio. So at least two people DID talk like that in real life. :slight_smile: