Dark Angel 5/3

Since nobody has started a thread on this, I’ll take it up. I watched the season finale, directed by James Cameron, hoping to see something great. Barring that, at least seeing something a little different. What we got was more of the same.

So does anybody out there think this show will get picked up for a third season? The creators have practically wrapped up all the storylines, as opposed to a cliffhanger ending. Did they know it wouldn’t be back? I’d say so… the show completely jumped the shark at the beginning of this season, and the absurd plots were just stringing it along. Not to mention Friday nights on Fox is the kiss of death. Anyone disagree?

Not me. I loved the first season, but this last one kinda blew.

But on the other hand, it has Jessica Alba (drool). Whatever happens to the show, I hope we see her in something new soon.

Was that the season finale? Most of the rest of the shows have two more episodes to go. Hmm.

Actually, I liked this episode… first one in a long while. I was wondering what the hell was going to be the “big enemy” after Lydecker, and most of the season left me wanting for any real storyline. But the struggle for independence in a mutant-hostile world, well, I can live with that, actually. It has the potential for some intriguing plots, a potential for no resolution (which is, you know, good for television series ;)), and has the potential to bring about strange moral dilemmas.

IMO, they could really do somthing with it. And the first season showed that the show could be fun, so I’m hoping, actually, that they will get picked up for a third season, and that in the future we’ll see that season 2 was just necessary for the backstory to set up the huge struggle that was to come.

OK, maybe I am hoping for too much. But really, it’d be a shame to see a storyline like this go to waste. IMO.

As far as I know, Eris, that was the season finale. My bet is that they realized uneven writing and Jessica Alba’s body wasn’t enough to continue the series, so they cut it off short with a semi-ending.

Also, was anyone else humming “Battle Hymn of the Republic” during Max’s big “let’s make a stand” speech? :slight_smile:

hahahah :smiley:

Well, the show hasn’t been cancelled yet, to my knowledge.

Current as of May 3rd. Just one more season, please… I know they can pull it off… but, hell, after getting shoved to a crappy Friday night slot, what do they expect?

Family Guy, X Files… canned. I don’t think Futurama was picked up. Fox had some fun tv for a while there, now they’re dumping everything. :frowning:

Jessica Alba is hot as hell, but her acting makes the show a real turd sandwhich that even her looks can’t save.

Cancel that crap and let her co-star in Jenna Jameson’s next flick. :slight_smile:

Oo, Alba and Jovovich in Resident Evil 2…

I thought it was pretty good. One thing this show has done well is that it isn’t afraid to change the status quo. Throughout this past season Max and Alec have managed to keep a low profile at Jam Pony – now their cover is blown. I was kinda hoping White would get killed, like Madame X and Lydecker before him, but I guess not. (Ths bit with Max surfing in on the hoverdrone was pretty cheesy, though.)


Well, I agree about her acting, but disagree about the redemptive power of her hotness.:wink:

On the other hand, I saw her on Letterman the other day, and was pretty disappointed to see that she came off as…well, kind of stupid. Definitely detracts from her atractiveness for me. But then, if she can come off on the show as not being a total ditz, she obviously has some acting ability.

Interesting… Must be the “Letterman Effect.” A few months back, I saw Gillian Anderson on Dave’s show and she was a total ditz as well. I mean, cracking up at everything Dave said. It certainly belies her poised and intellectual persona on “The X Files.” I’d still consider her a better actress though, Jessica Alba couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. Anyone seen any of her movie appearances? She any better there?

She was the bright spot in “Idle Hands”. But then again, most of that movie was dreck anyway.

My daughter love the show so much she has changed her name to Max. Gods help me.
There are a few petitions out there to save DA. I believe my Max has sent me every single flippin’ one of them to me.
I think it’s a good show, as good as anything else out there. I don’t think it’s going to make it, especially in the Friday night death-slot. Maybe it could take over my beloved X-Files spot on Sunday?
I actually enjoyed the season finale, and I hope the show isn’t cancelled…if only to see my sweet girl happy.

I’d be happy if it went to the Tuesday 9 slot after 24 ends… they also have a slot open on Mondays at 9 what with Ally gone.

They’ve got plenty of room. This storyline could pull this show back with some decent writing.

Okay, I’m a DA addict. I’ve seen every episode from both seasons, have them on VHS and I’m getting them onto my computer. My entire “theme” on my computer is Dark Angel. In my eyes it’s one of the best shows on TV right now. Of course that doesn’t say much, I mean have you watched TV lately? I do believe that some of the ep’s this season were lacking in plot though, I will concede that much.

Will this show have a 3rd season? I truly believe so. With all the other shows that Fox has cancelled I don’t think they can afford to lose this one. They realized their mistake in placing it in the Friday night time slot and I’m thinking it will most likely be moved back to it’s original Tuesday Night time slot. And it does have a bigger following than you think. Dark Angel is extremely popular in UK and Asia!

Here are some sites:

Anyways I’m probably going to get flamed for this but I don’t care, I LOVE DA and I think Jessica Alba is not only HOT but a talented actress in this series.

As for them having “wrapped up all their story lines” that is completely false! Most of the people on the Dark Angel message boards (yes they have quite a few) are mad because they DIDN’T solve any of the problems (such as the virus that keeps Max and Logan from touching, whatever happened to Lydecker, what the breeding cult’s plans are and how Max stands in the way). I will admit that they didn’t quite leave a “cliffhanger” at the end, but they sure did leave a lot of loose ends!


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I won’t flame you for your opinions. This isn’t The Pit, after all. You’re entitled to like whatever you want. Hell, I liked “The Lone Gunmen,” I just knew it was never intended to stay on the air for very long.

While I don’t profess to understand the rationale behind TV execs all the time, one thing never changes: The Almighty Dollar is king. I can’t imagine that with all the sets, makeup, special effects, training, etc., that this show doesn’t cost a fortune to make. It must have performed well 1st season, otherwise Fox wouldn’t have tried to use it to anchor its Friday night lineup. If the network can’t make up the cost by selling advertising time, the show is history. And I kinda doubt overseas popularity factors heavily into those decisions.

Looks like it didn’t do too well in the sweeps race, unfortunately.

It’s quite true that it was on the lower end of all of the shows, BUT it in fact was the ONLY Fox show to even be mentioned!

“Last week’s highly hyped season finale (which, oh my gawd, Cameron himself directed!) scored a measly 5.7 million viewers.”

That is low compared to what NBC and CBS seems to pull in but we are talking about Fox here. Plus I’m sure they are making money by selling it to syndicates in other countries. They haven’t even gotten season 2 there yet and we just watched the finale!

I think that the show would do much better if they put it back on Tuesday nights were it started out. Not only can they bring in the younger audience (which is usually out on Friday nights) they can pick up the audience that is already tuned in on Tuesday night to watch That 70’s Show.

IMHO Fox is a network for Gen X’ers because they are willing to show things that other stations won’t, and go places that would get someone at NBC fired. For example the pot smoking circle from That 70’s Show, the white trash alcohol and drug problems from Titus… and don’t forget about those crazy Simpsons!

Whichever executive okay’d the idea to move Dark Angel to Friday night had one of 2 things in mind:

  1. This show will get more people to tune in on Friday nights or
  2. This show isn’t worth having on any other night but Fridays.
    (wish I could find that guy and give him a piece of my mind)

I’m hoping that it was all a horrible mistake and they will move it back. There are a TON of petitions going around the net to try and get them to pick up another season.

I would be very disappointed if Fox canned it. But unless they have some incredible tricks up their sleeve I can’t see why they would.

5.7 million viewers… but how many normally tune in to most Fox shows? That number might be impressive or it might demonstrate a huge ass-suck.

These are ALL of the top Fox shows in order from http://www.sfgate.com/tvradio/nielsens/

Prime-time ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research for April 29 to May 5. Top 20 listings include the week’s ranking, with rating for the week and season-to-date rankings in parentheses.
37. “The Simpsons,” Fox, 6.7
45. “Malcolm in the Middle,” Fox, 6.2
48. “Boston Public,” Fox, 5.9
52. (X) “Bernie Mac,” Fox, 5.3
52. (X) “That '70s Show,” Fox, 5.3
55. “The X-Files,” Fox, 5.1
56. “Ally McBeal,” Fox, 5.0
56. “Bernie Mac,” Fox, 5.0
60. “That '70s Show,” Fox, 4.9
63. (X) “That '70s Show,” Fox, 4.8
65. “America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back,” Fox, 4.7
71. “Cops 2: Animals,” Fox, 4.5
71. (X) “Fox Movie Special-Thursday: Star Wars: Return Of the Jedi,” Fox, 4.5
74. “Cops: Coco the Clown,” Fox, 4.3
77. “King Of the Hill,” Fox, 4.1
78. (X) “Malcolm in the Middle,” Fox, 3.9
79. “Dark Angel,” Fox, 3.7
79. “Grounded For Life,” Fox, 3.7

Okay, so my hope is failing over here…

BUT I guess if you don’t count the double entries (for those shows that ran more than once) and the movie in there that makes Dark Angel # 12 and two of those shows (X-Files and Ally McBeal) have already been cancelled for next season. So that makes Dark Angel #10 in popularity, and it only runs ONCE a week, whereas the simpsons are on twice a day M-F with the new episodes on Sunday. Same thing with that new Bernie Mac show. I think every time they have an open slot they just throw that show in there (I myself run for the remote control when it starts).

Soooo… as of right now Dark Angel is at #10 even though it’s on only once a week and scheduled in the WORSE time slot a show can be in when your “target audience” is out at keggers and trying to get laid (not speaking from experience here, but it seems to me that is the audience that fox is usually shooting for, LOL)

Curious as to what were the top shows that week?

  1. “ER,” NBC, 16.6, 17.5 million homes.
  2. “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” CBS, 15.9, 16.8 million homes.
  3. “Friends,” NBC, 15.4, 16.3 million homes.
  4. “Friends 8:30pm,” NBC, 13.1, 13.8 million homes.
  5. (X) “NBC: 75th Anniversary,” NBC, 12.7, 13.4 million homes.
  6. “Law and Order,” NBC, 12.5, 13.2 million homes.
  7. “West Wing,” NBC, 11.4, 12.0 million homes.
  8. “Survivor: Marquesas,” CBS, 11.3, 12.0 million homes.

to put the ratings into perspective, check this out…

  1. “World Wrestling Federation Smackdown!,” UPN, 2.9

Dark Angel scored higher than wrestling. Do you know how many people watch that?

Still… I’m sweating, but I haven’t ruled it out… [crosses fingers]


Thanks for those links! My daughter appreciates!
Have you seen the website Fanfiction.net? or is it .com? I get those dang things confused! It’s a website where you can write your own episodes, storylines for television shows. Dark Angel has a huge following there too.