Dark Angel


Am I the only one who cares?

I care, but I’d said goodbye months ago. Something felt terribly wrong about the final episode of the first season, and my worst fears were confirmed in the first episode of the second season. The Dark Angel show I watched faithfully was already dead, replaced by “Beauty and the Beast meets The X-Files”.

It’s a shame, esp. after the second season’s final episode. THere was the opportunity for a lot of cool plot lines, but the show really was screwed by the crappy second season.

As soon as it was put in the Friday night time slot, I wanred my hubby who adored this show it wouldn’t be renewed next season.
He argued with me.
Ehhh. what do I know?

But the whole romance thing was predictable. Though what a nice twist to it, I can’t touch you or you’ll DIE!!
Erm… HUH?
So the writing wasn’t great this season, but it was the time slot that killed it.

James Cameron directed the season (series?) finale and it was good but missed the mark - the characters and their plight weren’t compelling.

A couple $Billion more production bucks, and a scene where Jessica Alba’s char is tossed into a lake and dropping quickly into the icy depths - I’d have jumped in!

Fox needs Ms. Alba :smiley:

Damn… :frowning: I thought the show had great potential, and the season ender really could have opened up a great conflict.

Stupid second season stories and a crappy timeslot killed DA. :frowning:

Another victim of shoddy scheduling. When are the TV execs going to learn that shows aimed clearly at the coveted 18-34 demographic can’t compete with what 18-34 year olds do, which is to go out on Friday nights? Week nights are golden for this demo, but Fridays should be left to the “Diagnosis Murders” and “Matlocks” of the world. Also didn’t help that is was scheduled opposite of Sci-Fi’s “Farscape.” I can’t for the life of me figure out hoe Fox reasoned that the show could survive this slot.

I just got in to “dark angel” a few months back, and I like it, even with it’s second season flaws.

At what stage was it cancelled - is there a third season at all, or was it cancelled before production started on that?



The second season finale was set up to be the series finale.

The first season was amazing. Second was just good.