Is Dark Angel over?

The season final of Dark Angel had that “burn your bridges” aspect you usually only see when a show is over for good.


Lydecker has been purged from Manticore and has undergone something of a breakdown. Logan has given Max up for dead, and is reminiscing about her in the past tense, as if he never saw her again. And Max is back in Manticore, with no rescue in sight. Presumably she no longer has a job at Jam Pony. If there’s going to be a second season, it would almost have to be Dark Angel II.

That show was a big ratings winner and a huge cash cow for Fox. Sure, it was getting a little silly towards the end, but…

I’m sure the writers will find a way to work everything out.

It was all a dream!
I do know what you mean, though. I just started watching not too long ago but I really like it. I was wondering if Max will have to kill blond lady (Kira from DS9) to get out. What about the guy that shot himself to give Max his heart. Had he been in the show all season? That was so sad.

Ive heard that they are moving the show to friday nights next season. The kiss of death. Probably the ill fated time slot that Freakylinks had. I liked that show. :frowning:

Fox’s announced fall schedule has Dark Angel at 8 on Fridays. Friday nights are not necessarily the kiss of death; that was The X Files’ original slot, and CSI debuted there this year.