"Dark is Rising" film review--looks very bad.

Here’s what the Horn Book Magazine thought. Pretty dependable folks, they are.

I was very worried about this movie from the previews I saw, and it looks like it’s at least as bad as I was afraid of. I’m really wondering what Cooper herself is thinking about all this; it seems to me that this film is going to embody everything she hates. Does anyone know what happened there?

I must say, aside from all the other travesties, it almost makes me saddest that they’ve gotten rid of Will’s wonderful family and replaced it with a stereotypical ugly family instead.

From the first I heard of this film, the word of mouth has been that they screwed it up and ignored the original story completely. Apparently word of mouth was right. I’m just glad that I’ve heard enough to know better than to go see this thing and soil my memories of a rather good book series.

I just wish they’d stop ripping off titles of books and making movies that have little or no resemblance to them.

Nope, the Original story is there.* I just saw it myself, just a hour or so ago*.

They made a couple of silly changes, such as Will now being an America (of Brit descent) and placing it in modern times, but otherwise quite good. There is no doubt it is 90% of the book, plot wise. Minor (and annoying, I admit) superficial changes have been made.

The family isn’t ugly at all. There is a lot of love there, just the usual sibling rivalry and hurly burly of a too-large family. Which are also in the book.

Let me say first that I have not read the book.

However, I enjoyed it. A lot more than I expected to, actually. My husband also found himself enjoying it, and he wasn’t even in it for the leather-clad Christopher Eccleston, like I was. So there you go. Some parts were genuinely creepy.

It certainly wasn’t any worse than any of the Harry Potter movies.

NPR story on the movie. They talk with Susan cooper and with the movie’s director. There’s also an audio link just above her picture.

The only interesting question is whether to classify it as superficial resemblance (a la I, Robot) or willful desecration (a la Starship Troopers).

Why, have you seen it? DrDeth says the changes have been superficial, not the resemblance. I read the books so long ago that I don’t remember them except to know that I liked them.

Part of what makes The Dark Is Rising so great is the atmosphere of the book. The quiet stillness of midwinter, the sense of waiting and anticipation. The previews I saw didn’t convey that at all. Looked like the typical frenetic kids’ movie.

According to the NPR story, “Cooper is waiting for the movie, but with a certain sadness. She says she sent a letter requesting changes to the film’s script, but she’s not sure any alterations were made.” I think that Cooper and Ursula LeGuin ought to get together for a few drinks and talk about what happens when your work gets butchered in the process of being made into a movie.

Am I the only one who saw the damn movie? See the film,* then *make up your mind.

Sorry, but I’m not spending $8.50 and two hours of my life to see a film I’m almost certain to dislike. The point of previews are to entice you to see a movie. In my case, the previews for *The Dark Is Rising * had the opposite effect.

I thought it was fine, although a little too much “this is hugely important and you have to do this or everything dies now excuse me while I walk away now without actually giving you any actual information or helping.”

Sorry it was pronounced crap around here months ago. No need for anyone to see it.

I probably won’t get to see it until the DVD. I just don’t get the chance to go to the movies much anymore.

By dudes who didn’t see it, and thus don’t know what the fuck they were talking about. I admit the Trailers were a bit offputting, but they really didn’t showcase the film very well. Much like the trailers for Bridge to Terabithia.

In this thread, we have had 3 dudes who have actually seen it. All of us think it’s pretty good. Not great, could be better, but hardly “crap”.

NailBunny: “However, I enjoyed it. A lot more than I expected to, actually. My husband also found himself enjoying it,…”

DrDeth: “…but otherwise quite good”.

ArizonaTeach “I thought it was fine…”

Hmm, let’s see: three dudes who have seen it for themselves and made up their own mind, vs 4 who let others tell them what to think… :stuck_out_tongue:

psst - I’m a chick, FTR.

Yes, I’m so glad everyone’s decided that this movie sucks based on the previews alone. Because lord knows, we never ever have threads on the Dope about movies that were completely misrepresented in the previews and which were, surprisingly, likeable. :rolleyes:

All too true. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t rush out to spend $20+ to watch movies with horrible trailers on of the off chance that it’s one of those .1% of films that look terrible in the trailer but are actually good.

No one’s criticizing not seeing a movie that looks bad. There’s no problem with that. We all do it.

What’s being criticized here is not seeing a movie that looks bad, then arguing with the people who saw the movie about it.

Willful desecration. The writer has said that he doesn’t like fantasy and one of the leading actors has said he’s only doing it for the money.

Actually, it seems more like they’re totally ignoring the people who actually watched the movie, as opposed to arguing with them.

It’s like they can’t hear an opinion that clashes with their own - even though their own was formed in the absence of actual exposure to the performance being judged.