Dark & Stormy

Drinking Kraken Rum, Jamaican Ginger Beer, and fresh squeezed lime juice. Have had “several”. If I ever catch the asshole who did not tell me how great these are. . .

Mods, please feel free to pour yourself one and relocate this thread.

WTF else am I missing?

Ever had a Moscow Mule?

Yep. Actually went all-out and bought a set of copper mugs.:cool:

I like making mine with Gosling’s Black Seal.

A friend of mine makes Dark & Stormy spirited ice cream. Something to consider, if you want to add an extra layer of decadence to your boozing. :smiley:

Personally, I like Grasshoppers, but they’re about as far as you can get from a D&S and still be drinking cocktails.

Last time I had one was at The Country Club (Wynn Las Vegas). Quite a nice little tipple. I can’t justify buying the mugs for it, however. :frowning:

A personal invention (although I’m sure other people also know it). Coca-cola and cherry-flavored brandy. They go really well together.

But an important tip. I tried this one time with actual cherry brandy rather than cherry-flavored brandy. That was a mistake.

I love a good dark & stormy. It’s fun to experiment with different ginger beers and rums. The spicier the better, says I!

Interesting. I have a bottle of Kraken I’ve only sipped from, but maybe I need to get into it more.

Found a brand of ginger beer Jamaica’sFinest. Has “hot, hot, hot” on the label. :cool:

I can honestly say I’ve never had a Dark & Stormy with spiced rum. It sounds… interesting.

Do a search in this forum for “ginger beer” and read the reviews. There are several out there that are superb, and a lot that are dreck.

I’ve never had Kraken, but this guy, who apparently lives in a bathroom, recommends it. What the? :slight_smile:

Thanks! Never woulda thought of it.

I recently tried a Dark & Stormy with Malibu, and it worked really well. I called it a Light and Stormy, but there’s probably an official name for it.

I prefer a dark rum like Myers over spiced rums in a Dark & Stormy but certainly won’t turn one away. The best spiced rum I’ve had to date is The Lash.

And Gosling’s ginger beer…