Dark Tower movie project, yet again!


At this rate it will take longer to get the movies made than it took Roland to find the damned Tower!

There have been numerous threads before about casting and problems adapting this series for the screen. I will take this opportunity to mention one problem that I don’t think anyone has mentioned before, and that seems to me to be a biggie:
Assuming they do it Harry Potter style, making one or two films per book and releasing one per year, they are going to have to either keep casting new Jakes or find a kid who is willing to take puberty-blocking hormones for a long time! I assume no studio is going to be willing to film the whole shebang before finding out if the first couple films flop or not. Also, Hollywood is tragically short on high profile African-American double amputee actresses, but I guess that can probably be dealt with through CGI.

I think Tommy Wiseau should direct and be Roland. Maybe Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of Oy.

And tell God thankee-sai that they won’t do it unless they do it right.

They’ll just have to do it over and over and over until those can-toi do it right. :wink:

I’ve said for a long time that it would probably work best as a Walking-Dead type tv series (with a fixed end date). It could probably be done in 4 or 5 seasons–there’s a lot of filler. And you could film all the stuff without Jake first, so less aging issue to worry about.