Dark Tower Dream Cast

I came in to do this last week, and got distracted. Then I stumbled across this thread (which appears to be more of a will it/ won’t it, what’s the news thread), and was reminded! So let’s cast the Dark Tower series. Warning: anyone offering Russel Crowe as Roland will be violently . . . given the stink eye, I suppose.

Here are my picks, at the moment:

Roland: Sam Neill. He’d have to lose some weight and gain some scruff, but that’s who I always pictured in my readings.

Eddie: Aidan Turner. If he can do the accent. I would also accept Adrian Brody, because, while not classically attractive, he could pull off the part amazingly.

Susannah/etc: Rutina Wesley

Jake: no idea. Kind of depends if they make him older, as movies tend to do with young characters (then I have some ideas), or if they keep him the same age (then I got nothing.)

So there you have the basics. I’ll flesh out some supporting characters if this gains steam :slight_smile:

Dude, we did this.

Dream Cast for a Dark Tower Movie

Oh, and recently, too. Again.

Thanks, lady. Search didn’t bring it up.

Try the google search for the Dope. It helps a ton.