Roland has been cast - now for the rest of the Ka-Tet

According to Stephen Javier Bardem has been cast as Roland for the Dark Tower movies. Linky.

Not who I expected.


INNNNteresting. I guess if you can’t get Clint Eastwood from 40 years ago, you gotta go in a different direction. :slight_smile:

Now, let’s see if they can get John Malkovich for the role of Walter/The Man In Black.

Not expected, no, but not bad. Not bad at all.

I still kinda wanted to see Hugh Laurie in the role, but. . . :wink:

I think this might work. Gah, I hope they don’t fuck it up!! Who will be Eddie… and Jake… man, they have such a specific look in my head. I’m half excited to see it on the screen, and half terrified they will ruin my vision.

When I saw “Roland” in the thread title, I was thinking headless Thompson gunner. But Stephen King’s good too, I guess.

I still think Viggo Mortensen was the better choice, but this is not bad.

Oh… my. Bardem makes me fan myself in mock overwhelming passion. And I have always loved Roland, if only in my head.

I never would have put the two together - but somebody had to mix delicious peanut butter with chocolate and I loved that too.

Maybe they’ll leave the lobstrosities out. Did-a-CHICK!:wink:

I love Stephen, and never miss a book of his, but I swear he musta been drinking Listerine when he came up with those guys!


Not unless you fugged him up – Roland is described as being ugly.

Will they have to sign up a double amputee for Odetta (& Detta)? The CGI costs to do what they did with Gary Sinise’s legs in Forrest Gump might be prohibitive otherwise.

He wrote that book in the series in the 1980s, so he probably was.

I like the choice. He has a quiet intensity and unspoken air of bad-assery that I think can work quite well.

For Eddie, I expect to se Michael Cera, just because he’s in everything now, and they would do that to us.

In all seriousness, maybe Ryan Reynolds?

This choice…is…not bad. Not who I would have thought, initially, but I can see the fit.

Michael Cera as Eddie is an abomination and you have forgotten the face of your father with that suggestion :wink:

I’m just not hip on the current young actors to make a suggestion about Eddie. On the one hand, it’ll have to be someone who initially seems to have a bit of weakness of character, but since the character transforms significantly, it’ll also have to be someone who can show strength of will and a badass-ness, as well.

For Odetta, I REALLY hope they don’t go with “badass black chick of the moment” and cast, say, Zoe Saldana. Not that Zoe isn’t a decent actress, but I think having a relative unknown in that role would be better.

Aaron Paul, who plays Jessie Pinkman on “Breaking Bad”. He’s the perfect choice. He can play a junkie, he can play charming, he can play surprisingly clever, and he can play protege.
**Jake: **
Aidan Mitchell, who played the youngest kid on “The Riches”.
**Odetta: **
Rutina Wesley from “True Blood” would be a good choice, but probably doesn’t have time (unless she’s been killed - but I’m only halfway through season 2, so don’t spoil it for me). She may also be a bit too young for the role.
Other obvious choices would be Gina Torres or Jada Pinkett Smith.
Oy: Can they get away with just going with a regular dog?

I think Ryan Reynolds would be just perfect for Eddie - Eddie needs serious twinkle in his eyes as well as heaps of charisma.

I think Jensen Ackles, AKA Dean Winchester from Supernatural, would make a good Eddie. He’s good at pulling off the whole sarcastic blue-collar bruiser thing.

Hmm. Javier Bardem doesn’t leap to mind when I think of Roland. I picture Roland as much more angular. And they’ll have to give him blue contacts. But he’s supposed to be a great actor. I’m willing to go with it. (Bonus: if he drops out, they can replace him with Jeffrey Dean Morgan!)

Rutina Wesley as Odetta/Detta intrigues me. I think she’s a pretty good actor - if only she were given something other than extreme fear, extreme sadness, extreme anger, and extreme intoxication to play.

I can see that.

I think this would be some outstanding casting. Good job!