Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla

I bought this last night, but only had time to read a few pages. Is anyone else excited to fall back into the world of Roland the Gunslinger?

The story starts out intersestingly enough, but I think I must have read an excerpt a while back, because it sounds very familiar. King says the last two books will be published in 2004.

Anyway, hootie-hoo!

Totally excited to read it, but I’ll likely have to wait to buy it for a couple weeks at least. :frowning: Unless someone here is feeling generous…

“Calla Bryn Sturgis,” supposedly the prologue for Wolves of the Calla, was made available on the Stephen King website sometime last year… that’s probably what you recognize.

Most notable in the prologue was the reappearance of an ol King character. Devotees may want to re-read 'Salem’s Lot before delving into Wolves of the Calla.

The first chapter was printed somewhere in another book, and likely on the web.

Another King fan who hasn’t bought it yet. Oh hell, the car payment is already late, I guess another thirty bucks won’t matter.

My husband bought it for me yesterday. That’s one of the reasons I love him so much–he always, without fail, buys me the new Stephen King books the week they come out.

The problem is, I am so busy with school that I don’t know when I’ll be able to start it.


That’s who that is!

I’d also recommend to everyone to read through both the prologue in Wolves, as well as the new one he put into the newly released The Gunslinger. Lots of good info in there. I’m pretty sure that he lets you know that the Father Callahan you meet in Chapter 1 is the same Fr. Callahan from 'Salem’s Lot.

I just bought the book today, and haven’t started reading it yet.

Excited? OH YEAH!

Yes, the prologue was very good. Even though I have read all 4 books about 5 or 6 times each! As I have all the rest…

I’m about 150 pages in.

It’s SOO good.

I know I’m a DT geek, but you really learn a lot about the quest, about Roland (and Cuthbert, Alain and Jaime) and that’s just so far.

I HIGHLY recommend you read the revised version of The Gunslinger before you start Wolves.

MANY things have changed, and are important to the plot of Wolves.

Nineteen, for instance, drives Allie insane in Tull by showing her the afterlife and Walter is Marten who is Randall Flagg.

In the beginning of the book, they also FINALLY put a list of the books that are included in the Dark Tower universe. Now, when I tell people that lots of his books have something to do with DT, they don’t just look at me in confusion.

Must go read more now.

Does anyone have ink on their hands from this book? I’m about 150 pages into it and the tips of my fingers are nearly black. I’m thinking about sending someone a well written but mostly pointless email.

I didn’t even know it was out. I feel like a dumbass. On the other hand I now have plans for Friday.

Dangit. This is out already? Sigh. It’s going on my list.

I bought mine the other day. I lovingly stroked it the first night but read nothing. I’m allowing myself to read 100 pages before this weekend, but it’s all over on Saturday. 700 pages! WooHoo!

What do 'y’all think about the illustrations?

And I’m the only idiot that wants an Oy? I swear if King kills off Oy I’ll be mightily pissed.

Oy’s toast. You gotta know that.:wink:

No killing Oy! What are you thinking??? I would love to have a billy-bumbler. Just for the name alone! But how cool would it be to have an animal that talks a little, and can count?

Dung Beetle, you should be ashamed for saying that!

I read about 3 pages last night, but was too tired to stay awake. I’ll get some reading done tonight I hope!

fingers in ears la la la I can’t hear you Dung Beetle

I get that from a lot of people.:smiley:

On a happier note, my reserve copy is ready to be picked up at the library! Guess I’ll be able to wait a little while to buy my own.

Yeah, I’m getting the same thing. Glad this book can’t be judged by it’s cover - the dust cover has ugly artwork that might work for a good graphic novel, but doesn’t fit the mood of the Dark Tower series. And once that dust cover comes off, the black on the book’s cover quickly marks the hands. Which does mean that I can tell who else is reading Wolves of Calla.

The content, fortunately, is mostly good. Especially the people of Calla Bryn Sturgis. 150 pages in, this book seems likely to get very weird. There’s one exchange between Eddie and Roland that has all the taletell signs of being written by a stoned author (Stevie, I thought you gave all that up…).

A good read. But it makes me wonder - yet again - about people who think there’s something special about holding a book in your hand, as opposed to reading it on your palm pilot. :smiley:

I think the cover art fits the mood of this book beautifully.

I think the black crap on my fingers is not so beautiful.

Time to go curl up and read some more. I’ve got to catch up to my SO, we’re sharing the book and he wants to talk about it.