Darlene Love and David Letterman

Every year I look forward to her singing Baby Please Come Home on the Letterman Show. I think I read that it’s on Friday the 20th. Does anyone else enjoy watching this?

If you like Darlene Love, I recommend seeing the movie “20 Feet from Stardom”, which is about (in part) backup singers who made it to the big time. Love is prominently featured.

I just looked for that on Netflix, and they don’t have it. However, Netflix recommended Orange is the New Black as a title related to it!

More like 20 Feet from Freedom!

It’s a recent release, probably with limited distribution.

Amazon lists a DVD/Bluray Release Date of January 14th 2014.

Y’know, I’ve watched Letterman on and off over the years, but didn’t realize until relatively recently the Darlene Love appearance was a yearly ritual (OP is correct, by the way, this year’s performance will air December 20). I’ve also loved that song since I first heard it; hell, most all of the Phil Spector Christmas album is great holiday music, if you ask me. I’ll have to make sure the DVR is set for the show this year.

Oh, and 20 Feet from Stardom is scheduled for release on DVD/Blu-ray January 14, 2014. You can pre-order now but it’s not available immediately. No idea if it will be available to stream on Netflix.

Enjoying this SNL TV Funhouse spot (audio/video link) is another of my favorite annual holiday traditions featuring Ms. Love.

According to Netflix (which has a vested $ interest in OitNB), EVERYTHING relates to it.

So, if anyone is still interested in this . . . it’s available now.

It’s on PPV now and I plan to watch it. Seeing her on Letterman is one of our traditions. We keep trying to make plans to go down and try to get in to the show, but right before the holidays it’s hard to work this out. Also, we’d have to stand outside the doors all day, we can’t find a way to get tickets in advance.