DARPA implants surveillance tech in a Moth


Interesting. I’ve heard of the Japanese doing the same thing with cockroaches.

What’s the debate?

Does the military’s reckless moth cyborg experiment endanger all humanity, or will the resulting giant monster be fought off by Godzilla?


I’m all for this, seeing as we haven’t had enough Philip K. Dick novels becoming reality lately.

I’m looking forward to being able to buy radio-controlled spiders in toyshops/petshops. Or being able to hook up with a few thousand friends and have locust wars.

Were human controlled insects in a specific Dick novel/short story? Asking as I’m wondering whether to dive into the large pile of books I have in my room or go back home and start again on my collection of Dick and I whet my appetite with the short story about spiders and birds saving mankind from insects.

Thinking about it, insects played a big part in “The Cosmic Puppets”, don’t they?

If they can place cameras on insects, a lot of super-models are going to need bug-zappers and screens.

I can imagine the countermeasures coming up:

Raid, Kills Bugs and BUGS Dead.