Oh Dear God - Roboroaches!

Like regular cockroaches weren’t bad enough - now they’re experimenting with putting nanobots in them!

Actually, that does sound pretty cool.

Oh, come on, people - they’re putting nanobots in cockroaches! Has no one else ever read any science fiction?!?

The technology involved is just astonishing.

They couldn’t have pit them in anything cute and fluffy, could they? They had to put them in cockroaches?

…it does seem Kafka-esque…

Previous experiments with cockroaches included mounting mini cameras and replacing their antennae with electrodes. The idea was that the electrodes could be used to make the roach change direction, and you could guide it into sensitive locations for surveillance. BTW This is from reputable sources and I think we even had threads on it.

Christ, like cockroaches need help.

That was my thought - “Let’s make cockroaches MORE indestructible and able to reproduce and survive anything!”