Darryl the 27 year old zombie goldfish

will not being seeing his 28th birthday. He faked me out before but he is definitely gone, buried and mourned.



I remember Darryl from that thread and rooted for him to reach at least his fourth decade. My very deep condolences :pensive: I hope you’ll find a similarly tough successor.

Thanks, EinsteinsHund. Darryl was the end of the line, though. I’m so old I fear another goldfish would likely run out the clock.

My sister had a goldfish and found him floating upside down in the bowl. Her husband placed it in the creek that runs through their property. Two weeks later, their child found it swimming in the spot the fish was placed, but missing an eyeball.

The fish was returned to his bowl in which it lived another seven years.

Whoa! Cue premature entombment nightmares!

(We did wait a cautious day and a half before abandoning all hope and consinging him to the earth.)

I am very sorry for your loss.
Do you care to tell us about Darryl’s personality and possibly your relationship?

Thank you, half-elf! He was an object lesson for every parent with a kid who wants to try her luck with a ping-pong ball at the county fair. He was also a prince among fishes and after feeding him every morning for 27 years, cleaning his tank approximately 169821 times and worring about him sloshing around in his bucket behind the front seat as we schlepped him from state to state, I admit that I miss him way more than I ever expected to. :slight_smile: