Dart Question

So I recently got a dart board that uses steel tips and I have a question about it. The first game that I played on it with a friend of mine (cricket probably, but that doesn’t matter). Anyways, I would guess that most people (at least the people that read this board) have noticed that on electronic (plastic) darts the lines dividing the different point sections are come to a point like a “V” so 99% of the time that a dart hits that it still sticks in the board. Now, back to that first game. We’re shooting darts and all of a sudden one of the darts hit the metal dividing lines and the dart flew straight backwards and stuck in that hardwood floor, about four feet back. We thought that would be a once in a lifetime thing to hit it that perfectly. We’ll since then we’ve done the same thing 9 or 10 times. We even moved a carpet under it so as not to put more holes in the floor. So when you do this, does it count as a throw and you get no points for it?? Or is it like a “let” in tennis and you get to throw it again. I assume you get no points but I thought I’d ask.

Google is your friend.