Darwin's Tortoise Dies


The tortoise was supposedly brought from the Galapagos by Charles Darwin, and later given to a friend who was headed to Brisbane. An article on this blog has a picture of her.

Darwin’s Tortoise wouldn’t be such a bad band name, either…

There is something utterly depressing about this news. :frowning:

I guess now, that just leaves Sylvia Miles.

That’s gonna make one hell of a pot of soup.

Oh, no! :frowning:

Her and my ex-mother-in-law.

I guess it was going to happen, but this is sad news - not made much happier by the fact that I misread the title as ‘Darwin’s Tortoise Pies

I know. I felt a little richer last year when I heard Harriet](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harriet) was alive to celebrate her 175’th birthday.

Can I comfort y’all with this 4700 year old pine tree?

Is the Tortoise God going to banish her to Tortoise Hell for her role in the propagation of filthy, godless evolution?

Is the Hare expected to pass away soon?

Wasn’t there a story similar to this a few months ago?
Ah, a different, possibly older totoise


Apparently, it’s halfway there.

Maybe this is more proof that God hates Darwin…

There’s a large tortoise in the Madison zoo, that was the last of it kind according to the sign years ago in the outdoor habitat. It’s still alive, and I hope with the internet and world coverage available now, that someone will find a mate for it.

Man, that is a bummer.

I surprised you didn’t mention Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine.