Data for Investing - Where to find companies' metrics aggregated into a single file/spreadsheet?

I’m looking to plunk some of my 2017 profit sharing into a company traded on the Toronto stock exchange. I’d like to sort the companies listed on the TSX by various metrics (Price/Earnings, dividend %, EBITDA, etc).

Where do you folks find this data aggregated into a single file or spreadsheet? I can’t be the first person who’s had the idea of playing around with Excel and coming up with the next sure thing :stuck_out_tongue:

If your experience isn’t related to the TSX, that’s fine. It’ll give me an idea of where I should be looking, or even how to Google for a solution.

TIA :slight_smile:

Answering my own question, through some Googling I managed to find a database for the TSX that allows me to search stocks based on a set of criteria (including earnings/share and a few other things). Here’s the link.

I still wouldn’t mind having a larger data set that I could export to Excel so that I could play with it as I saw fit.

The pros use Bloomberg terminals but that’s probably a bit too pricey for your needs. Morningstar offers a “premium” stock screening database but I don’t know if it has the functionality you need. Morningstar’s free stock screener doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

There was a time when I would have been able to write a script that queried a source like Yahoo finance against a list of ticker symbols for TSX listed securities and pulled the data into a spreadsheet but my skills are way too rusty to offer to do it now. If you have the skills or know someone who does, maybe you can bake something like that up.

More US centric, I use and set up portfolios of stocks I’m interested in. I copy and paste data from the various portfolio views into google sheets (excel works too). The views are very extensive on their own. I’ll get other data from tables in my brokerage account; again copy and paste. I enter my own formulas for calculations I’m interested in. The function =googlefinance(various data) gets real time market data. There is a bunch of hand copied data I plug in as well (haven’t figured how to drag in). I sell options and that would require a proprietary subscription to someone like to gather all the option data.

For preferred stocks and baby bonds,
gets a complete listing and the option to export directly or copy and paste to a spreadsheet.

More prescreened preferred, bonds, utilities, BDCs, ETFs, and Canadian Trusts; go to
This is more dividend oriented regarding data. is another reference for income stocks/preferred/CEFs/bonds/new issues/Canadian Trust tables. Again it’s copy and paste.

There should be similar info services for Canadian markets beyond the Trusts mentioned above.