Stock Information Help

My daughter is doing an assignment in school (First of all, Yes this is high school homework, but I don’t know enough to help her. ) and she has been tracking several stocks, and needs to fully research one of them. She chose Google (GOOG) There are specific items that were asked for. She’s found them all except for three items.

Total sales
Number of outstanding shares.

They’ve been directed to use Yahoo finance page . I looked out there but can’t find (or am not recognizing) those items listed above.

Any Help?



Dividends and number of outstanding shares can be found on the Key Statistics link from that page. Haven’t located total sales yet.

Total Revenue would be total sales, wouldn’t it?

Google has never paid a dividend.

I’m not good with accounting, so I’m not positive on whether or not total revenue is the same as total sales. I think returns and discounts might get factored in there somewhere.

I don’t think so. Companies can make money from things that are not sales (investments, interest, etc.).

If you can’t find some things you need just visit the library and copy off the Google page in their copy of Valueline .

Corporations usually have that information in the investor relations part of their websites. It’s a little hard to find for Google, but here is their Financial Tables page. It looks like that total revenue breaks down to advertising revenues and licensing and other revenues, with the latter being negligible.