Date format options

Is it at all possible to give users the option of changing the date format they view the board in?

I’d love to be able to view the board in DD/MM/YYYY. It may be a small request but I’m sure it would make quite a few people happy.

That’s be cool.

And that’s be my pirate typo. Arrrrr.

Arrrr. Me hearties, we’ll take over this board!

I’d like to second this request, as I can’t find any way of doing it. Having all the day and month the wrong way around is quite irritating… in fact, I’d vastly prefer following the international standard of YYYY-MM-DD so that I no longer have to guess which number is which.

Apparently user-specific date settings are possible in recent versions of vBulletin; is the SDMB running an older version or is this setting simply disabled for some reason?

I would also support having this option. I find the current date system very confusing.

I agree. This option would be bery useful.

Joining the DD/MM/YYYY fan club.

I too would like this option. I’ve just noticed that this is a 9 year old zombie thread, and am confused as to how it came to be revived.

How can you tell it’s nine years old? Are you really sure about the date? :stuck_out_tongue:

I revived it because in nine years the option to change the date format hasn’t been added.

I, too, would like to have the option to have it dd/mm/yyyy. My little brain still struggles with mm/dd even after all these years.

While 3.7.3 has a nearly identical manual page on the subject, I don’t think it says what you think it says. When it says “user-settings”, it is apparently referring to site-wide settings by the board administrators, not per-user settings.

Look at the other settings in the same category. I doubt an indivual user can turn the board off, for instance.

Since all the post-resurrection posts say either “Today” or “Yesterday” I don’t think it’s all that important. I’m pretty sure that “Today” and “Yesterday” are the same in either format.

And they are always in the same time order.

No they don’t. They say “Today” or “Yesterday” only for posts made today or yesterday. For posts prior to that, the date is displayed in MM-DD-YYYY format.

Yeah. They would be the posts from 2002.

Our concerns about the format of the dates is not restricted to the posts in this thread.

Later versions of vBulletin may support more than one date/time option but this one makes you choose one and only one. Sorry.

Thanks for letting us know, TubaDiva.

If you have to pick one and only one, IMO it should be the ISO standard format of YYYY-MM-DD.