Date ideas

HELP! Once again I’m revealing my lack of experience to the entire world. Jay and I want to get together tomorrow afternoon / night but neither of us can think of something to do. This’ll be our third date. We saw a movie last time.

So, um, any ideas? I’m not quite ready to bring him to my place.

Go find a little ethnic grocery store and browse. Walk around the neighborhood, find a place you’ve never been and try something you don’t recognize.

Bookstore followed by ice cream/chocolate place.

Motel with hourly rates?

Museum? Cheesy tourist attraction that you’ve never been to where you live? Local music festival? Dinner theater? Any close points of interest that could be combined into a short road trip? Sometimes our city parks have things going on… Symphony Under the Stars, Alive at 5 kinda get togethers and whatnot.

Does your area have a newspaper that is dedicated to the local entertainment scene?

Mini golf.
Stroll around a park (or maybe a picnic)
Windowshopping at a nice shopping district or mall

Anything will work really, since the point is just to have an excuse to spend time together.

A friend used to take his dates night-riding on back roads for snakes, salamaders and spadefoot toads :). Works great if you are dating zoologists.

Might be just a tad geeky and off-putting for the typical “normal” person, though :p.

If I remember the online profile correctly, “geeky” is part of the appeal in this scenario. :slight_smile:

I second the short road trip to a point of interest; stop for a drink or coffee or dessert or whatever on the way back to town (truck-stop diners are great for this, especially at night).

Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day in the Los Angeles/ Ventura area. Go to the beach, stay for sunset, go get dinner see what happens.

I have had many a date that started that way and ended rather well. :wink:

It’s freakin August in one of the most beutiful parts of the world, and it isn’t so hot outside you can’t stand it. Use that to your advantage (his advantage, whatever)

Aaaah, sounds like the perfect date to me!!

As for my feline friend (the OP), I like the idea of a picnic, as suggested upthread. Is frisbee an option? Even if you’re as uncoordinated as me, you don’t have to worry about looking dorky - it’s impossible to look cool playing frisbee.

What geekeries do you two have in common? I know you like comics; perhaps the two of you can browse a hole-in-the-wall comic shop, or even an old record store. Stuff like that is always fun, and you might just pick up something really cool as an extra bonus to remind you of your date.

An old favorite of my husband’s is to go to the thrift store and pick out the wildest, most outandish outfits you can find, and then wear them to the bowling alley. Being able to laugh at/with each other is good for the soul.

All in all, wishing you the best of luck!!

Actually a picnic at the beach sounds like a pretty good idea… If I pick up some chicken… or we could go to the grocery store together or…

The only hardship is, like I said, it’s tomorrow (maybe) so we can’t stay out too late (and if I’m going to eat outside I have to do it before it gets dark. Yes, I know, I’m weird.)

I’m going to avoid any place where I’ll buy stuff - I’m trying to save money and I’ve been spending too much lately.

If you’re still considering the museum idea, here’s a link to the Museum of Ventura County - free admission. Currently in a new storefront location. Current exhibits: historic photos of Ventura County, and a glass mosaics show

Well, he’s broke until Friday - but that doesn’t mean we won’t do something.

Where in Ventura County are you? I grew up in Ventura (the city), Ojai, Oxnard, and Port Hueneme.

If you have ever been in Ventura at night, you may have seen the glowing cross on the side of the hill. There is pretty little park around it, with an awesome view of the city and the Ocean.

Downtown Ventura is also pretty cool. Lot’s of shops and stuff.

Every time I am in Ojai, I see a ton of horses, so that is likely a good place for horseback riding. Also, Ojai has my favorite bookstore, Bart’s. If you are not close to Ojai, I would still try to go up there some Saturday. Bart’s alone is worth it.

My wife and I went fruit picking not to long ago here in Phoenix. That was real fun. That reminds me, I gotta use up that peach salsa. This website might help you find a place if you are interested.

Besides that I would echo what others have said about picnics and walks on the beach.

Have fun, no matter what you do.

I’m in Camarillo, he’s in Santa Paula. We’re not going to end up getting together tonight. :frowning: I guess I’ll work on my computer instead.

Back in my single days, I used to take dates to a local place here in DC called Kramer Books and Afterwords Cafe – it combined a nice little restaurant with a bookstore. That was always fun.

How about a nature hike? Of course, if you’re too old or too out of shape for that, it may seem more like work than anything else. If that’s not the case, then it’s the perfect environment to see something new, have nothing to do but talk, and not have anyone else around. As an added bonus, talking isn’t forced. If possible, dress in some comfortable but tight shorts and shirt…if you want, of course.

Third date?
Knock over a Liquor Store is what I usually do.

That definitely a fourth date activity where I come from.

If you’re heading in that direction, why wait that long?

It’s a trifle far for you for an after-work date, but a picnic in Griffith Park is an awesome summer date. I like the Old Zoo picnic grounds - you get to explore the old deserted animal cages! Creepy fun.

Also, the LA county fair hits in a couple weeks (sept. 5), and that us an awesome date thing.

I don’t know about you but I don’t knock over a liquor store with just anyone. I need to know that my date is special.