So I have a date on Friday- suggestions needed


I met a girl online through a dating site. We’ve been talking and txt’ing quite a bit.

We are going to go out on Friday (her choice). With Friday being Black Friday we obviously will want to stay away from the madness.

I don’t want to do the whole dinner and a movie thing, especially on that night.

Anyone got any suggestions*?

We can go out during the day.


*Man, I suck at figuring out what to do for first dates.

Where do you live? It makes a big difference to what we can suggest.

My best first date was to a bookstore. We had a good time reading together in the little cafe. It sounds weird, I know, but it really worked.

Is there a Dave and Buster’s anywhere near you? Playing games is fun to me.

How about a comedy club or an open mic night somewhere?

I love street festivals, zoos, aquariums and museums too.

Normally I’d agree but these sorts of places are usually swamped on the friday after Tday… kids are out from school. Its about the only day I will not willingly enter the American Museum of Natural History! If you choose something like this, make it something that does NOT appeal to small children. A photography exhibit or something.

Knowing where you live would help too.

I usually just plan to be stood up and go see a movie or browse in a bookstore afterward. This works for me more than half the time. However, I don’t recommend it.

Seriously, a first date should be relatively short and fun, offering a way to escape if it doesn’t work out, or alternatively, a way to extend it if things are really going well although the PUA gurus all pretty much universally recommend cutting a first date short to MAINTAIN her INTEREST LEVEL and STIMULATE her CURIOSITY about your MYSTERY. (I get a headache just reading this shit, but I have to admit that these guys get laid more than I do.)

I don’t think the activity matters terribly much, as long as it gives you something to do or talk about that isn’t so engrossing that you can’t focus on each other. Going to a coffeehouse or mall and peoplewatching offers both a way to keep things light and interesting and at the same time evaluate her style of interaction and humor to see if you mesh. I like used bookstores, but that’s not to everyone’s taste. Museums and arboretums and the like are a little dangerous, as it really forces you to stay there for a certain minimum of time even if it isn’t working out, and often makes for awkward, stilted conversation. Ditto for bowling or something like that. Basically, keep it loose and open, and if possible, something that is of mutual interest.

Try watching Before Sunrise to get some ideas; it portrays “first date” type situations more realistically than any other movie I’ve ever seen.


Keep it short and simple.

You dont want to have plans to do something for a long time with somebody you might not like.

I think something slightly impersonal and not private is good for these things. I personally just like to walk around and talk, maybe stop for a quick bite or to rest a bit, and if you hit it off you can take it from there.

Have some drinks and talk about life. It’s simple, cheap, and a good way to have a conversation and see if you connect. It’s hard to see if you connect while at a theatre or watching some other type of performance.

Having been in the same boat myself, but as a woman, I suggest dinner at a casual restaurant that’s equidistant from both of you. Make reservations. If you drink, have a drink, whether she does or not. If you smoke, excuse yourself and smoke outside. Honest and open is much better than not.

Relax, take it easy. It’ll go fine. Or it won’t. :smiley:

The rise of internet dating coincides with the rise of Starbucks. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Seriously – first in-person meeting should be short, simple, and in a public place. If it goes well, it can proceed to some other activity or venue (like, to get something to eat, you morons) – if it doesn’t, no harm no foul.

Friend of mine who goes on A LOT of first dates swears by coffee a bit before lunch or dinner time. If you hit it off, you can suggest grabbing a bite to eat to continue the conversation, but if you don’t, you can end things anytime without being locked into an activity that’s keeping you together.

Forgot to mention, I am in Vegas.

Good ideas so far.


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

Neutral would be a good idea. But, coffee shops seem too overdone, I liked the tea shop. Plus Earl Grey is easier on the stomach.

Since you only know each other from online, first impressions part deux are forthcoming.

Go light on the cologne.

If I were you I’d take her to the zoo - that’s a good first day date. If it isn’t working out skip the seal show and go to plan B:

Plan B: 35 minutes in have a trusted friend 911 text you just in case its a nightmare date. Its more humane to end things quickly if nothing is going on.


If things go well ignore the plan B text, see the seals and get to the food and more importantly drinking part of the date.

I like Mexican food and Martguerita’s given my druthers (for a first date) but Italian and Red Wine or Sushi and Saki… It doesn’t really matter. And Vegas is full of taxis so don’t drive…

Find out what her favorite animals are, you have days to set it up.

Let us know how it goes!