Dating a coworker

I’m curious how many here have met their mate through work.

Most people say not to do it (I mostly agree, kinda… sorta). But looking at my sphere of friends/family, quite a few found what so far appear to be soul-mates.

I dated a co-worker for a while. She was several steps up the ladder from me – I’m a techie peon, she’s a lawyer.

We’re married now.

I met my boyfriend at work - we were both teachers at the time. There was quite a lot of gossip but after about a month it died down and it was fine.

I’ve never dated a coworker, but my brother met his fiancée at work.

I dated a coworker, then she cheated on me with another coworker, then left me for him. I had to work with her and watch their blossoming romance for several months while remaining professional.

Not the most advisable situation to find oneself in.

I met my wife at work. She was my HR representative, and she was married at the time. It was obviously very hush hush. Shortly thereafter she left her husband and the job. No one there new we were together until after she left the company.

My last girlfriend was a co-worker. She left me for another co-worker, who she’d apparently been cheating on me with. He knocked her up but I was under the impression the kid was mine until a paternity test about ten months later, and I had to see her for months afterward. It sucked.

I met evlkitty at work. We started dating a couple months after I got divorced–strictly FWB was the spoken agreement because we were both coming out of bad relationships. We ended up getting married. I was always oblivious before, but there are a lot of couples here. Some married before, some hooked up here, some got married after hooking up.

I wouldn’t categorically say dating at work is a bad idea, work is at least one common interest and depending on the company it can end up matching people with similar ethical codes. There are far worse dating pools to swim in.

I met Mr. S at work. He was a full-time employee, and I was working part-time while I was in college. We both quit (separately, about a month apart, I think) within about 6 months of when I started.

Our 20th wedding anniversary will be next year.


I’m concerned with a breakup and any subsequent awkwardness. Although one hopes that other adults would act civil and professional after a breakup, some people end up being completely different than imagined.

I broke up with my last girlfriend recently. She was someone I thought I truly loved and respected. She has since treated me and acted in ways I never would have imagined (done her best to break my heart). If we were coworkers, then that would have been nearly impossible to work through.

I met Mrs. Nightfall1 at work. We were co-workers for a year, then we dated for a year and a half. Been married for 19 years. Best thing that ever happened to me.

FWB - Friend with benefits

I met my husband at work. Eighteen years and counting! :slight_smile:

There are 3 couples at my company. One just got married over the summer. (And the now-wife left the company but not because of the relationship, just a better job offer.) One couple have been together for about 3 years, and he refers to her kids as “our kids.” And I just finally met the woman in the 3rd couple, and they have a house together and sound pretty happy.

So it can work out.

Just be aware of the risks. As other posters have attested, it can work out, but when it doesn’t, it can be a nightmare. I’ve had both experiences.

(Just for the record, I did NOT meet my wife at work.)

People always say that it’s not a good idea to date co-workers, but actually it’s one of the best places to start romantic relationships. I’ve known plenty of couples in real life that started off working together. It’s important to be discreet, at least at first, and of course there should not be a manager/underling aspect to the work environment, as that can lead to legal issues. In fact, it’s best if the two people are in different departments entirely.

As someone once said, “For most people, it’s easier to find another job than it is to find another prospective partner for a long-term romantic relationship.”

Lots of folks at my work met and married there. It’s not too unusual when you consider that our workplace is out in the boonies, most new hires are here fresh out of college, and the nature of the work makes it easier to be with someone who understands your job.

Last job I had, a couple of engineers met, married, had a baby, and divorced all on the job. I worked with the woman, so to hear her tell, he was a royal ass. No idea what he told his friends, but it was rather ugly for a while there.