Dating a doctor vs. dating a bassonist

Dating a doctor vs. dating a bassoonist

I would want to date the bassoonist. Purely on a romantic level I would always choose an artist/musician over a doctor ( or any similar profession.)

How do Jewish mothers feel about bassoonists?

In an episode of Law and Order, a victim’s rehearsal room mate says “the oboe is the most underappreciated instrument in the orchestra “. To which Lenny Brisco replies “it’s an ill wind that no one blows good”.

Scale that up for bassoon.

Sorry, that’s all I got.

Which one has the most money?

If the bassoon player is VERY bad and plays VERY often, then there’s an increased likelihood of his being paid several million to quit. However, a good bassoon player is paid less than a doctor.

A good doctor who’s also an extremely bad bassoonist with a lot of spare time would be pretty much set for life. Not as well off as the doctor/bad-bagpiper-with-fleas combination, but in the ballpark I’d say. Though I don’t know why you’d play the bassoon in a ballpark.

In my experience, the oboe is OVERappreciated. Because it receives about the same appreciation as other boring instruments, but doesn’t deserve that. The bassoon is much less offensive generally than the oboe. That’s why really bad bassoonists get the big bucks for quitting - really bad oboists are shot before anyone thinks of negotiating.

The feeling is mutual.

An ER doctor might be better - they pretty much always make things work out right somehow, and are used to doing it all night.

That’s good. Deaf spouses are not always easy to find.

<Gives DavidwithanR the hairy eyeball> There is only one Basselope, and her name is Rosebud. She flies by inflating her antlers with helium or dandelion gas. Propulsion is provided by farting.

Who has to do the farting?

Is dandelion gas made through fractional distillation of dandelions, or through fractional distillation of crude oil BY dandelions? Or do you mean vaporized dandelions? Was there a nuclear war and no one told me?

ETA I forgot the most important question - Is this basselope primarily a fish, or primarily a musical instrument?

Are bassonists as good as jazz saxophonists? :dubious:

Bassoonists have never called each other “cats”, because they all have actual, you know, cats.

Other than that… As good for what?

Unless I’m mistaken it’s a reference to the Seinfeld episode where Elaine finally succeeds in getting her Saxophonist boyfriend to perform oral sex. However…

The people sitting in front are record company scouts.

If things get that far, think twice about setting up house with a gynaecologist. I heard they tend to paint the hallway through the letterbox.

Rosebud is neither primarily fish nor musical instrument. She’s primarily a basset hound.

A-ha! So she’s a bassetelope with letters missing! She needs a basset horn, not a bassoon!

(Calling her a basselope is almost - but not quite - as egregious a linguistic error as making a higher-range bassoon and calling it a tenoroon. Which was done, unfortunately. But can you imagine what kind of dog a Petit basse griffon Vendéen might be? This creates a whole new messe, if not a messe basse. :))

What’s an oboe good for?

Setting a bassoon on fire.

Marry the doctor because he earns the most and have an affair with whoever else is the hottest.

Yes. At first, he didn’t do “everything,” but she got him to “expand his repertoire.” :cool: