Dating Sites.. Really???

Can someone tell me why are all of the men on dating sites such as etc are “athletic and toned”?
If 68% of people in the United States are overweight why are the other 32% on dating sites? I just don’t get it. :mad:
It’s intimidating and superficial.
And why is everyone holding out for someone who para-sails, zip-lines, sky dives, cooks, cleans, and works out at the gym every day? Does this person even exist?

Same reason women lie on the same sites.
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What’s the point of lying, waste of time.

This really sounds like IMHO material … bordering on Pit-tish.

Let’s move this to a forum where opinion can be exercised.

Tragedy of the commons. If one person lies and everyone tells the truth, the liar is better off. But if everyone lies, everyone is worse off, and if everyone lies but Greg’s mom, everyone is worse off and Greg’s mom is even worse off. The only thing that puts a damper on this runaway problem is that people can’t lie in their descriptions beyond what their photos will allow (and if they doctor their photos, they’re probably not going to do so well in person).

I saw a group on fb that I declined to join: Bipolar Singles. I mean, I get it, okay sure, but it does amuse me.

You sound like an E-Harmony type of lady. :slight_smile:

ETA: Internet dating, IMO, has been the best thing to happen to dating ever.

Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful

Toned? Oh, I thought that button said ‘stoned’. I don’t read to good when I’m high.

Well, many people only become fat once they secure a mate.

It’s an artifact of how widely and thoroughly females are misunderstood by males (but there’s nothing new or surprising about that).

Turns out, contrary to what nearly all males think, most females actually prefer fat and lazy (but occasionally scrawny) unwashed slobs over the athletic and toned dudes (who are all too conceited and full of themselves anyway). So it’s actually those 68% of males who are slobs who get 68% of all the available females without need to resort to a sleazy dating site, which all tend to be revulsive cesspools of humanity anyway, populated with those left-over 32% of “athletic and toned” brutes.

I think you are dead wrong. Assholes who are athletic and toned are getting an inordinate number of attractive women. Where are all these fat, lazy slobs with hot girlfriends lurking? I sure haven’t seen them.

Times change: For example there used to be a lot of fat women. There aren’t any more. Instead you see a lot of Big Beautiful Women.

Homer Simpson, Fred Flintstone, Peter Griffin and any number of men on this list (Warning, TVtropes)

Fat guys? Sure. They have a hard time. But I’ve not noticed any appreciable difference between the muscular and the nonmuscular men. If anything, most of the guys who I know who were ladies men were not athletic-looking at all.

I see a much bigger correlation with assertiveness, extroversion, or comedic ability.

What I don’t get is why these dating sites don’t implement a way for members to review each other. Sure, that could go off the rails horribly, too, but if it works it’ll make the experience a lot better.

And then put a limit to how many people you can contact per week/day/hour/second, so attractive women aren’t spammed to death by wzups.

Do you actually see men saying they want all that in a woman? From what I recall, only a tiny minority of women’s profiles said they were looking for anything in a man that was particularly helpful or clarifying. Usually it was a useless platitude or cliche about wanting a partner in crime or that rare anomaly - someone who likes sitting home on the couch *AND *dressing up.

One thing I noticed a lot of thin women mention though is wanting a guy who likes being as active as she is. I have no doubt plenty of women sincerely want a guy who likes their active hobbies, but I always suspected it was a particularly coy way of saying she doesn’t want to date fat guys. “I want to date someone who can run a half marathon, kayak in a bay and hike up a mountain” does seem much kinder than “No fatties”

When a big part of your life is running (or skiing, biking, hiking) it’s hard to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t share those interests. It’s not so much the fitness level (although that’s part of it) but the amount of time it takes to train means that you’ll be spending a lot of time apart if they don’t partake as well.

I do hope the OP’s dating profile user name isn’t the same as her user name here. That would be an instant click-next.

For the same reason all the fat women are “Average” or “Curvy”.