Daughter met Eddie Munster and Randy Parker at an all-night flea market

“I met Ralphie’s little brother at the all-night flea market!”

“Did you tell him he was the most horrible person on Earth?”

“Sorta. He took it personally. I had to explain that it was through the quality of his acting that he stole A Christmas Story.”

“He was good in that. In a horrible way.”

“Butch Patrick was there, too.”


“I didn’t get much sleep over the weekend.”

“Whose fault is that?”

“Mine, but I met Eddie Munster.”

The last time I was at the all-night flea market all shopping was done by flashlight, and it was before I could get any LED flashlights, much less the one with 27 LEDs that I got at Harbor Freight for $3.49. It would be more fun these days, but my daughter neglected to tell me it was this past weekend until it was over.

How fun! I met Butch Patrick many years ago at a haunted house attraction on Halloween. He let me hold his woofwoof :wink:

Saw him play with his band “Eddie and the Munsters” at Penn State in the early 80’s… he attempted to stage-dive and no one caught him, resulting in a separated shoulder…

He is still performing in a punk rock band, with a (parsed) link to a NSFW song in spoiler box:

But what was Paul Ryan doing at the all-night flea market?

It was at the Dupage County fairground. Dupage County has been very Republican–my rep was Henry Hyde and until January is Peter Roskam. He must’ve wanted to play to a sympathetic crowd. And nobody would see him sparkle in the dark.