DCDope, part next, aka, Come Meet Anniz

I’m trying to collect all the Dopefests that I’m planning for Anniz’s trip next month into individual threads (see also: Philly and Ft. Lauderdale), so this is the official DC-area Dopefest for Anniz’s visit.

I’m thinking of having it at my apartment in Rockville on Saturday 3 February 2001. It’s not a big place, so 10-15 people will be the max.

So, who wants to come? I’ll be collecting names and e-mail addresses to send out directions and whatnot as the event comes closer.

I’ll come, Monty. We can celebrate the Ravens Super Bowl win. But honestly, the way you’re draggin Anniz around and showing her off, I half expect to see you pitching a tent beside I-95 in South Carolina and charging the rubes two bits a gander!

As said at our last lunch, DC and I plan to go.


Woo Hoo! A DC dopefest we can actually make! Bluesman and I will be there, Montfort.

Cool, very cool.

Dave, you’re lucky I don’t charge admission at my Dopefest. It’s a good idea, now that you mention it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The roster so far:


I’m sure we’ll get RSVPs from these people soon, too:

Peta Tzunami

Well, in passing my regrets to Falcon over the New Year’s Party, I stated that I wouldn’t miss three DC DopeFests in a row.

So if there’s still room in your rapidly filling apartment, please count me in as an attendee.
[sup]And two hardboiled eggs![/sup]

Yo! I’m there!

Corrado said he wasn’t going to miss three Dopefests in a row, so maybe he’ll make this one…

I sure as hell hope so. I might even be able to drive myself to this one, provided parents don’t assume this is another weekend where everyone gets drunk at 12 noon and goes out trying to play “smash the punha”.

Okay, cool, a Moderator in my own apartment.

The yes list:

John Corrado
Bluesman **

That’s ten so far. Cool.

Is there room for me and UDD and Nicky?

Sure, why not! At this rate, the venue may change, or we’ll just be awfully cozy in my place. But, you’re definitely invited, Opal.

Hell, Monty…you KNOW Olent is gonna come, even if he hasn’t posted here. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I expect him to be there. The question, though, is will he be welcome? :slight_smile:

I’m there. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it, Montfort.

Very cool. Right now, the list of attendees is:

Montfort, Anniz, Falcon, iampunha, John Corrado, weirddave, SqrlCub, dcnewsman, Lucretia, Bluesman, OpalCat, UnDeadDude, Nicky, and Nacho4Sara

Wow, 14. I’m wondering if that might be too many for my humble abode.

Maybe we’ll start it off at a nearby restaurant/bar (there are zillions of them here in Rockville) and then migrate back to my place after we eat and get a firm idea of how many people are there. I dunno. Good thing we have six weeks to plan it. :slight_smile:

If so, I’m there. (And maybe the missus…you never know about wimmin. ;))

…But I’ll be in Miami that weekend. :frowning:

It would have been fun to meet all of you…hope you have a great time! :smiley:

Yeah, all’s welcome. There just might be a change of venue. :slight_smile:

Sorry you can’t make it, Tazma. Do you work in DC? If so, you should check out the DC Lunch Bunch.

You kick me out because there are too many people in the apartment and you will have made an enemy for life. There is no way in hell I want to miss out on this one. :smiley:

I’m still planning on doin’ the recital thang with some Swedish fiddle music and a handful of songs by the Swedish composer C. M. Bellman pointed glance at SqrlCub and it sounds like a packed house/captive audience. Rock!!

So do we have a location for this shindig yet, Monty? :slight_smile: