PhillyDope: 27 January 2001

This is a new thread, branching off from Esprix’s original thread.

Anniz and I are coming to Philadelphia on the weekend of the 26th of January for a concert on Saturday night the 27th. A Dopefest has been proposed for Saturday afternoon.

This is the new thread to discuss that Dopefest, and to make a roll call of who will be there. Based on the original thread, it appears that the following people will be there:

rocking chair (?)

At this time, the proposed meeting place is at Jim’s Steaks, at 4th and South Streets. The time of meeting is still subject to debate, but I’m suggesting noon or 12:30pm.

Anyone else want to come? Any ideas on a change of time or venue? Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

sounds good to me.

You bastards! <shaking fist>


I’d come, but I don’t know how much fun hanging out with a 17 year old girl who never even posts would be. :frowning:

Montfort–checking in to show you I got here to the States in one piece. Also saw your Eagles play pretty well in the wild-card game–congrats.

To those interested in coming who are fans of Penn and Teller–P&T are playing in Philly between 23-27 January. A friend of mine and I are planning to go, so, if any of you want to go too, drop me a line and I’ll get ticket info etc.

See you all soon.

Duke: Welcome to the other side of the pond. Looking forward to meeting you this month. And, don’t congratulate the Eagles yet, they still have the New Jersey Giants to get through, and then the Vikings/Saints, and then finally the Ravens/Titans/Dolphins/Raiders.

And, AndYrAStar, it’ll be lots of fun. Come along. Bring a friend.

A bump.

And I may make this…Philly isn’t TOO far away from me! :slight_smile: (Besides, then I can go to 3 Dopefests in 3 weeks.)

What, Falc, the Ft. Lauderdale one’s not on your schedule? I’m disappointed.

If you’re going to be the East Coast Dopefest Queen, you gotta go to the East Coast Dopefests. :slight_smile:

Current attendees:

Hedra (?)
rocking chair (?) **

oooh ooh! duke, what’s up with those tickets? I’m all in for that shit.

Oh, and yup, I’m still in for this shit.


A bump, and a request.

DIRECTIONS, people! I need directions!!! Please?

Just to bookend AndYrAStar, I don’t know how much fun it would be to hang around a 43 yr old guy, but I will buy the first round, as soon as I can get there. How about putting me down as a maybe.

And those Eagles had a great season.


Here is a Yahoo! Map of 400 South Street, the intersection we’ll be meeting at. There are links to directions from there, Falc.

We’ll be there at noon. Those expected to be there now include:

[ul][li]Montfort[/li][li]Anniz[/li][li]Duke[/li][li]Falcon[/li][li]AndYrAStar[/li][li]jb_farley[/li][li]MannyL[/li][li]uberDave (maybe)[/li][li]Hedra (?)[/li]rocking chair (?) [/ul]

Eh… maybe I’ll grace you all with my presence. Look for the short girl with bright red spikey hair and a big nose because i won’t be able to recognize any of you. :stuck_out_tongue:
I may or may not be with a tall bolivian with an afro who resembles Lurch or another short girl with long, not-so-bright red hair.

And call me Andy. If you try to pronounce my username and don’t do it correctly, I will be forced to slap you.

But what if we want to be slapped by a 17 year old not-frequent poster with a big nose and red spikey hair that is bright?

Then… ummm… uhh… err…

<blank stare>

who the hell are you?

AndYrAStar: Look for these two people. In case you need a clue, that’s Anniz and I.

We’ll be sure to leave you and MannyL alone so you can, uh, get to know each other. :slight_smile:

Damn, DAMN, DAMN!!

The original Philly sailor-boy will miss this get-together due to the pressing engagement of defending the country at sea.


I’ll look for you, but chances are i’ll be too scared and will sit down by myself, so if you see me, say something. <g>

And I am now a short girl with a big nose, bright red spikey hair and really, really screwed up bangs.
Trying to cut your hair with plastic safety scissors isn’t too smart.

I might be there if I have off work. I’m supposed to get a weekend off this month, and so far I’m scheduled for every goddamn weekend, so will see. Since Philly’s only an hour away, I might be there.

Looking forward to seeing ya’ll! I can regal Anniz with my IKEA Swedish - Morgonstjarna? Djarkvlocka! Gertrud! Solvanda! Strandacker! Deci, bas, slugis!

Should be fuuuun! :slight_smile:

Nacho -

If’n you wanna carpool, lemme know!